Covid Bivalent Booster Shot

I got my flu shot today and made an appointment to get the covid bivalant booster in a few weeks. Even though I have had two regular covid shots and two covid booster vaccines, I felt that this one will protect me from variants that the other two covid boosters won’t.

Are you planning to get the covid bivalant booster shot?

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I had covid at the beginning of August, and the recommendation is to wait three months before getting the booster. I plan to get it then.

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I’ll get it, but since I had Covid in late June, I was holding off a bit. I had a lot going on this month, so I’ll probably make my appointment for early November , combine it with my flu shot.

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My wife had a regular flu shoy a couple of days ago and will get her 5th covid shot in Nov. I’ve had neither but will get the covid booster when my wife does.

I’ve had 4 shots from Pfizer and am thinking about going with Moderna. If anyone has mixed brands, was there any effect?

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Why the change?

Every Pfizer shot took me out for a day, day and a half. Ran a fever, listless and sleepy, loss of appetite (which is totally out of character). I was hoping to avoid that this time.

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Ok, thanks

I hadPfizer for the first three, Moderna for the fourth. Similar effects, had me kinda sluggish for a day or so, body aches, etc.

I think im out for a booster shot, though ill likely get a flu shot.

I’ve had both. Modnera is supposed to have be stronger but have more side effects.

I had less with if.

Yep my oldest gave me COVID in September. But COVID wasn’t as bad as I thought. My youngest never got it. I had the first two shots with Pfeizer and I got the Moderna booster when my youngest last November had his second. We haven’t gotten the jab since. But I am considering to get the flu shot.

I don’t get why the PCP will ask in February if you got your flu shot. Yes you can get the flu thru May but you also could have gotten it in November, December, or January - much of the flu season is already over - it usually peaks from the 2nd week of December to the first week of February

Isn’t my risk of heart disease significantly higher than my risk of dying from the flu or complications thereof. Yes getting the flu sucks so getting the shot hopefully helps you avoid it.

No box for heart disease. You’re younger than most of us, so your risk of the flu is low. But you getting the flu shot could prevent you spreading it to someone who might get a more serious case. Some very old and very young people die from the flu each year.

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Agreed. Anti vaxxers like to claim the flu shot causes dementia but it actually looks like another benefit of the shot is that it reduces the likelihood of dementia kinda like my Singular. I call the COVID shot the jab because it 1) doesn’t prevent COVID, 2) doesn’t provide even as many antibodies as the flu shot, and 3) doesn’t prevent spread. It’s a therapeutic like my allergy shot not really a vaccine or preventative

There you go! Doesn’t prevent you from getting it. The makers have admitted they did not test and have no idea if it stops the spread. Not only that but you are more likely to get the covid if you got the jab! Not only that, it has demonstrated record breaking side effects, perhaps the most benign being DEATH! The side effects with heart issues and vein-filling “clots” are other examples.

Countless people have had their lives ruined because they took this EXPERIMENTAL snake oil.

Suggest you guys read up on the facts before you roll up your sleeve again!

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To late for me. Had 5 jabs already. If / when the time calls for it ,wlll have jab #6.

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Personal freedom is important

Yes confirmation bias is so hard to overcome

It’s important to teach my teens critical thinking skills

I had my covid bivalent booster shot yesterday. I was okay yesterday but felt awful today and was too exhausted to leave the house.

That means it’s working. Getting mine on Friday.

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