In another string, Parrot mentioned his Chiropractor.
Wondering about others… What do you think… Do they really help? How often do you go? What method do they use. Youtube has videos on the various methods.

My wife is a fan of Chiropractors, I am not. Over the years, she has been to Chiropractors who use the various methods. She likes the Activator Method, sounds like a stapler, the current one uses.

I am having Balance issues. I have fallen three times. BTW, falling onto an open Dishwasher Door, breaks your fall but is hell on the Dishwasher. :grinning:

The trip to the Chiropractor eats almost a half day…which is about as long as the adjustment lasts. :cold_face: Wife says I need to go more often. I am not sold on the whole concept but have agreed to go with her. How often do you go? How long have you been going. Wife says I will need to go less if I initially go more.

What are your experience with Chiropractors?

This may be advice unrelated to chiropractors, but.
Listen to your wife.

I first went when I hurt my back about 15 years ago by literally sneezing (it wasn’t the sneeze, but an accumulation of me being stupid).
I was going to go to urgent care, but couldn’t get in, so my wife got me an emergency visit to a chiro.
He was up front about it not being a “one visit fix”, he took x-rays and put me on a TENS machine (shock). I went once or twice a week for a month and literally felt the best I had in years.
When I think about it I go about once a month for an adjustment, but when I had shoulder pain I went every week for about a month.
Every time I leave I feel like a brand new person and that lasts for about two days.
Both of my kids swear by it, and have me schedule an appointment prior to any major competition.

I hope I answered all you questions.

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When I ran 40 miles a week I’d go see a sports Chiro a couple times a year. He’d work on my muscles primarily but I’d also get an adjustment and it seemed to help my running quite a bit. Now that I mountain bike primarily, I have no injuries and no need to see the chiro.

I tend to believe it’s bunk but I can’t deny that my body felt better after a visit.

I road bike, so I ask this, does the mountain biking not jar your joints?

Now, there are some that believe chiropractors can cure all kind of non skeletal things.
That is 100% witchcraft in my opinion.

I crash plenty, most of the time wthout pads. And when i run, im rarely injured. But i only get serious muscle strain or leg issues when i run a lot. I can ride 100 miles a week without issue.

I have no doubt that running is more high impact than even mountain biking. Though when i fall off my bike, i actually do impact things.

Agree, my knees can’t take the running I used to do (although HOKA shoes make a giant difference).
But I can go forever on my elliptical.

Do whatever you can to preserve your knees. At age 69 have both knees with bone on bone. Reasons could be both heredity and my fault. Trying to avoid Total Knee Replacements at all costs.

My big issue right now is I started officiating wrestling this year.
I wear some pretty high quality knee wraps under my pants so it has been fine so far.

Is this dizziness or muscle issue?

If dizzy look online for exercises for vertigo. It involves getting you inner ear balanced

If muscular do squats. I have been working out at a gym for awhile and doing squats and leg curls helped me with balance or the strengthening made it easy to bend over to pick stuff up without any balance issues.

May I also suggest yoga.
I do yoga once a week and it is amazing.

I tried it but found the strength training makes me flexible also. I will need to work up to getting in the class with all the bendies and me being the old man not able to get into positions

The class I do has TRX straps to help balance. As you keep doing it you use them less and less.

when I first started on my fitness journey we used TRX straps to work out. Now I love the squat machine

Full disclosure, I HATE squats.
But my trainer makes me do them. And I complain the entire time!

I had a personal trainer years ago and I hated squats and lunges, and she knew it. One day she had me do wall sits. I was being a smart ass because they were easy, so I told her to get me a weight to put across my knees so that I would have someplace to put my beer. She changed the workout. Two types of squats and then lunges. I never made that mistake again.

After my bike accident, I did a lot of physical therapy, but after that was done, my back started hurting. There was a bruise on my lower back, but it didn’t hurt for several months. I usually get a deep tissue massage, and that helped, but not a lot. Then a gal at the bike shop (I was picking up the bike to replace my totaled one) told me about a chiropractor that works with the KC Chiefs and does something called Active Release Technique. It’s kind of a combination of stretching and pressure. All I know is that the pain was gone after 3 visits. And what I liked about it was that the doc wasn’t trying to sell me on weekly visits for life. This doctor told me that I should only need 3, maybe 4 sessions. IT was developed by a doctor in Colorado Springs who worked with Olympic athletes, but he also works with the Denver Bronco’s. My brother has gone to him with similar good results.

It is just the Balance.
I switched to Sketcher work shoes with a tread for walking on wet floors (Restaurant Workers). It has helped a lot… No falls since, but still unsteady… enough grip to let me regain my balance.

I have pain in my lower back after standing a short time. Sitting down relieves it. It takes me about 3 sit downs to empty the Dishwasher, but I get it done.

I looked a Providers near me and their specialties.
I assume your guy is a back guy.

There is an ART guy near me but his specialty is hand or that is the only symbol that displays. The location is great… but I wonder if that is the right guy.

Mine worked everything. It wouldn’t hurt to call and ask if he does back or if he limits it to hand. I know everybody is different but this made a noticeable difference in my back after the first visit.