Car history

What car did you learn to drive, on, what was the first car you owned, and what other cars have you owned over the years.

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The first vehicle I bought was a 1972 Chevy C10 pick up truck with a three on the tree for $600. I was 17. I’m not really a car guy, but that was a fun truck.

It looked like this but in very used condition. It had a 350 Engine with a Holly 750 four barrel carb and headers.

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Learned to drive in a 1972 Plymouth Fury III (dad’s car) I also learned to drive a manual transmission in my brothers 57 Chevy with a 3 in the tree.

First car was a 1973 Road Runner. Which had it’s share of problems and dad finagled a trade to 1974 Plymouth Satellite
1978 Volkswagen Scirocco (manual transmission)
1982 Pontiac Grand Prix
1984 Dodge Daytona (worst car I ever owned)
1986 Honda Prelude (manual transmission)
1993 Thunderbird
1999 Chrysler 300
2005 Prius
2010 Prius
2016 Mazda 6
2019 Mazda CX5. I don’t plan on buying any more cars.


Learned to drive in a 1959 Mercury Montclair, one of the big finny '50s. The first car I owned was a 1963 Plymouth Savoy, bought in 1966. In was the cheapest model in the Plymouth line and pretty bare bones. It had the famous slant-6 engine and the only two options were an AM radio and the push button on the dash TorqueFlite transmission.

I’ve had a lot cars over the years. Most were OK, but these were the most memorable to me: The 1972 VW Karmann Ghia was great fun. I really liked the 1981 Datsun 280-ZX, which was very fun to drive, but it was rusting away under me. The 1985 Merkur Xr4Ti was great fun to drive, but pretty much anything that could go wrong on it did. At least I got to meet Jackie Stewart because of that car. I put a lot of miles on the 1989 Thunderbird Superbird, and left a lot of tire on the road. I drove the 2005 Infiniti G35 coupe for 10 years. That was a truly fine car and probably the most beautiful car I ever owned. It made me smile every time I went into the garage and sometimes still regret not having it. Now approaching 10 years with my 2015 Infiniti Q50 hybrid. It’s an excellent car and a true sports sedan and road car.


first car 1969 Oldsmobile Delta 88 High school, had a lot of fun it and it was fast. 4 brl carb 350 V8 Did most my own repairs. Put it on 2 wheels once


then 1970 Chevy Chevelle 307 motor beginning of college,

first used car I bought was a 1978 Mazda GLC College into working. It was a 4 speed, no A/C and top speed was 82 MPH verified by police radar. I had a blast in this car. Gave to my dad when I bought my first new car. I also put this on 2 wheels

1987 ford Escort GT 5 speed I loved this car as it was fun to drive I gave it to my father in law


Next was Ford Probe GT also stick Dated my wife while owning. Remembered racing a Nissan 240Z off a light and blew his doors off. Funny story


then I got married and darkness fell

more to come

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I learned to drive about 10 years old at my grandpa’s farm. It was an early 80’s S10 with manual transmission. My girls are 4 & 7 and both of them are learning to drive now. My oldest is ready to turn loose by herself. The other day, she drove my F350 dually pulling a trailer with a 88 Ford Ranger that I just bought.

First car I bought was a 77 F150. I loved that old truck but hated the reliability.

Since then I have owned many vehicles.
73 Mercury Comet. I wanted to put a V8 but I was young and no money.
05 Camry. Converted this one to propane. First new car I bought.
06 Yaris was my wifes car for a few hundred thousand. My sister in law is still driving this with nearly 400K miles.
08 Hyundai Santa Fe. Got this one give to me with bad transmission. Fixed it and drove it for a year then the transmission went out.
08 Caravan. I basically stole it and added 100K miles to it and gave it to my sister. She is currently driving this one.
I had a 99 dodge ram 1500. It was alright.
97 Ford F450. It was a beast but 6 MPG was a killer.
88 Ford L8000. Yeah it was the size of a dump truck. I didn’t want to get my CDL so I sold that.
17 Rav4. Bought it for wife and at over 200K a deer killed it.
I also had about had a dozen motorcycles.

My current inventory includes.

88 Ranger I converted to drag truck. It has 347 V8.
I just bought another 88 ranger to take the engine out of drag truck and put it in this one. I want to make a street v8 ranger.
08 F350 dually. General farm truck. Has the V10 and gets amazing MPG (7-12)
22 Ford Maverick. Now has 80K miles on it.
19 F150 is my wifes commuter.
Homemade CB750 motorcycle.


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It was all downhill from the road runner.

I do miss driving my 3 on the tree. That would be the ultimate anti theft devise today. So few know how to drive a manual but a 3 on the tree. I bet 95% of those born after 1980 have never seen one.

I learned on my dad’s old late 60s Caddilacs. Cheap because they were old.

First car was a Ford Galaxy 500. I forget the 2nd. Finally got a reliable used car with a Honda Accord in the late 90s.

First new car was my 2006 Camry. Kept it to 2021, then got my Tesla, which will be paid off…tomorrow.

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Learned to drive in my early teens on a '55 ford pickup, 3 on the tree.

For about 15 years, my wife and I both drove sticks, although all were on the floor. We each had problems after moving to autos, kept trying to shift gears and depress the invisible clutch.

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Its been 15 years since I drove a manual as a daily driver. I still catch myself going for the clutch every once in a while. My tractors are still manual so I keep my clutch foot muscle memory.

I’ve had my car 3 years and I still reach for my nonexistent keys in my pocket while walking to it.

My last two cars just use a fob, but I do have to press the button on the door handle to unlock and lock and start the car.

‘76 Chevy pickup, 3 in the tree.
Would love to have that kind of a car again

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After I sold my Wrangler I had the same problem for about a year

Mine’s a phone app. I have a key card (like a hotel) for use if the phone app isn’t working. Also for valets and such.

I got my learners permit in 1964 and learned how to drive on my father’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial. The first car I owned was a 1969 Cutlass Supreme which was my college graduation present. Other cars I have owned included two Mercury Sables, two Mazda Millenias, two Acuras, and three BMWs. I now own the last BMW I bought, as well as the Acura I inherited from my husband when he died.

My 1990 Sable was the first car I owned that had anti lock brakes, my 2000 Acura was my first car that had a built in GPS system, and my second BMW was my first car that had AWD.

I had planned to sell my Acura after I inherited it from my husband but then decided that I think I like my husband’s Acura more than my BMW.

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1999 Chevrolet Cavalier

Had a 2003 Chevy
Have a 2014 Subaru
Drove a 2009 Jeep Liberty
Drove a 2012 Nissan Rogue
Drive a 2015 Dodge

I’ve likely driven between 475,000 and 500,000 miles in the last 21 years

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Acura’s are a nice car

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My and my wife’s car has push button start, when I’d take my kids car I’d forget to take the key out if my pocket, get in the car and go to push a button that wasn’t there.