Car history

My wife won’t buy a car without AWD, it’s not a necessity where we live but she really likes it when it is needed.

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My 1st: A 1969 VW Beetle.
1969 Datsun 510 2dr. I loved this car, then I totaled it.
Another 510 which was rusted out junk. Took the engine out, had it rebuilt and —
Put it in another (3rd) Datsun 510. Painted it White and drove it for 2 years.

My dad calls me up and says: We bought a new Chevy Celebrity, do you want our Chevy Chevette? My 510 had problems so I said “Sure”!

Before you bad mouth the Chevette, I drove it 2 years with no problems.

But then it was time to buy my first new car. So I sold the Chevette for pennies. I factory ordered a 1988 Olds Ceira 2 door. Drove it 21 years.

1999 Chevy Monte Carlo new. Drove it 19 years and 224,000 miles until:

My present car is a 2017 Chevy Volt, plugin hybrid. Love it. Now at 80,000 miles.

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I’m surprised the Volt was discontinued. IT seems to be the best compromise for “electric cars” and range.

Not quite a Ripley’s Believe it or not story…Bought a used !987 Mazda B2000 from a used car dealer back in 1992.

On the title was a name that I recognized. There was a person with that name who worked the 2nd shift and I worked the 3rd shift at the same facility. I knew the guy pretty well and he lived about 50 miles from where I lived.

To make a long story short, I called up this person with the name on the Title. Sure enough it was him, who had retired 4 or 5 years earlier.

GM sometimes makes stupid decisions, even though I’m a GM fan (My Grandfather was a small town Chevy dealer). When Mary Barra announced they were going to stop making the Volt she said: “It’s time to go all electric”. That was back in 2018.

That was a stupid statement. The charging network has decades to develop to the point where people will be comfortable buying a pure electric car. Now almost all the other manufacturers are developing plugin hybrid cars so there’s no “Range Anxiety” and those GM statements look plain dumb.

So now GM is planning on more plugin hybrids when they had a great one they sold for 9 model years! (Mines a 2017)

It’s my understanding that the Volt essentially was all electric. While it had a limited “all electric” range, I thought I read that the ICE didn’t power the wheels - that was still all electric. It just acted as a generator to charge the batteries and they drove the car. Is that correct?

I would say, no. There are a lot of opinions on the Volt messageboards. Just like a lot of things nowadays some are right and some are “opinions”.

To start the confusion Chevy marketed the Volt as "An electric car with a “range extender” (the gas engine). Some Volt owners and Journalists latched onto that saying as evidence that the Volt was “not” a plugin hybrid. Like that was a negative term. I say BS, my Volt is a plugin hybrid.

My Volt is a Generation 2 and there are some modes where the engine DOES help power the wheels, mainly at highway speeds. So that argument is out the window.

Here is my definition of the 3 electric (ish) cars:

  1. Pure electric
  2. Hybrid (like those millions of Prius’s). The battery gets charged by the engine (gas).
  3. Plugin Hybrid: The battery gets charged by electricity from your power company. Much cheaper per mile than running a gas engine to charge.

So to wrap up, My Volt can go 60 miles (summer) (45 mi in the Winter). And then the gas engine just starts up. My tank is 8.9 gallons and I get 350 miles just on gas! I can select “Hold” mode that uses just the gas engine, that’s useful for long trips.

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