Calrk Howard Forum 526 Error

Been getting this today on the Clark Howard Forum.

If you’re curious that’s an error on their application side.

I found fix it in a few hours. Hell I could deploy this for them in a few hours.

“If you’re curious that’s an error on their application side.”

That I knew.

Hope they get it fixed.

I have encountered that error with them before.

An example of why cheap is not always best.

The fact that I have seen that error more and more over the past year tells me that they are in no hurry to fix it…and the DRAMATIC loss it traffic since the politics board was shut down tells me that they will most likely be shut down by the end of this month

It may be shutdown now

Can’t imagine posting an urgent question I need an answer to at CH forum anymore. Shame, I got such good advice from respondents in the past. Especially on real estate, insurance, and taxes.

Hopefully more people will migrate over. I’m not trying to replace Clark but I’m willing to create whatever is needed

I have been expecting them to go away for a while.

It’s still down this AM.

Still down.

If anyone has contacts, send them invites.

I am going @tszefr starts to post more. I enjoy his views on certain topics.

I posted for help with a router on the tech board over there the other day and I can’t get back in. :unamused:

Well post it here.

My Netgear router is 12 years old. It was installed and set up by the geek squad. It keeps dropping connection and I have to unplug it and plug it back in several times a day.

I assume I need a new router. I am a tech dummy.

Can someone recommend a good router I can get from Amazon. I’m almost sure I could figure out how to get the wires plugged in to the back, but I don’t know how to get it configured to my PC and Ipad.

I’m afraid I’ll get the old one unhooked and not have any access to my PC because I don’t know what to do after I get the wires hooked up.

I don’t want qeek squad to come out during the pandemic.

How big is your home?

I use an Orbi. It’s a mesh router. I like it. It’s expensive though.

Do you have a budget?

My home is 1350 sf. It’s just me here. Money is not a problem, but all I have to run is my PC and IPad, I don’t need anything fancy.

If it’s just you

Amazon eero mesh WiFi router

I do not have experience with that exact model but it’s supposed to be easy to use and configure it from your phone or tablet.
If you need more range you but another and add it on.

Thanks it does have over 3000 ratings and nearly 5 stars. If I’m not on here for 6 months, it’s because I couldn’t hooked up. :rofl:

I was going to go with that one but the WiFi 6 model has been sold out. I have like 5000 or so square feet to cover.

Why I went with the Orbi. If the eero works the same it’s a snap to setup. Took me less than 5 minutes to set it all up.

CH error message is still there today.

And I doubt anybody there is even aware of that, much less caring about it.