Caitlin Clark Hit by Violent Cheap Shot While Angel Reese Appears to Celebrate it

I’m glad so was okay and her team won that game!

An attractive young white woman that tries to maintain her femininity and becomes a pop star, is hated on by dykey female athletes who do not have such public popularity.

What a shocker!


About a couple of months ago, i saw her play the last game of her collegiate career. From start to finish. Have not done that before.

The girl is good. Kind of reminds me of “Pistol” Pete Maravich in the way she plays.

It appears that Clark and Reese are creating additional interest in the league, so salaries are likely on the way up.

Don’t read too much into this, it’s likely a ‘welcome to the league’ shot. Proud of you for not bringing black people up, guess you got the bigotry fix by bringing up dykes.

I couldn’t watch the video, Western Journal is terrible. Kept looping an ad over and over, I know I could find the video elsewhere if I cared more.

Not if the current players keep acting like this.

Controversy drives interest.

An Orange politician might say there’s no such thing as bad press.

Could be. But the WNBA has been subsidized since the beginning from the NBA and others which is sad, why aren’t lefties watching on TV or buying tickets and jerseys to support the sport?

Its been very interesting to see the reaction of black competitors and sports commentators regarding a very good white player entering the league. Its pretty racist…

Shitty play.
The game is already not interesting, start taking out one of the few players that is interesting to watch, then nobody cares again.
Like “hack a Shack”, people payed to see Shack dunk, not miss free throws.

I think BMW hit the nail on the head. This was a welcome-to-the-big-leagues notice to the rookie who is getting all of the attention.

And, if one steps back and puts aside the race and sexual orientation issues and looks at it strictly as a rookie joining the league, I think one can see where WNBA veterans could have some resentment against Caitlin Clark, even though Clark didn’t do anything herself to bring it on.

For the big picture, from my own personal experience I don’t follow the WNBA at all and don’t think I heard one percent of what I am hearing now in coverage before Clark joined the league. And, for another example, there is this article which discusses how the WNBA previously flew commercial until people were shocked to see Clark flying that way and the WNBA then decided to go to charter flights.

It is very easy to take Charles Barkley’s attitude and say that the WNBA veterans should be thankful for how Clark’s presence is raising the WNBA’s tide overall and how the veterans are benefitting from it. At the same time, I think it is only human nature for a veteran who has put in a lot of time in the WNBA to be a bit resentful of a rookie who had never played in the WNBA before getting coverage and benefits that the veterans could only have dreamed of previously.

If you want a “welcome to the big leagues” then outplay her, don’t hit her with something that would be a 5 minute major in the NHL!

I don’t think anyone is defending the play. Just saying that Clark and Reese are increasing the profile of the league. Older players may resent the rookies, but they’re likely to benefit.

I am going to disagree with you here. Shaq never cared about his free throw ability and allowed that to be his Achilles heel. If I am playing against Shaq’s team, I am going to maximize every possible strategy to win. If that includes fouling a player who has a lousy free throw percentage, so be it.

Hack-a-Shaq was never intended to injure Shaq and take him out of the game. Rather, it took advantage of one of his weaknesses. If Shaq really wanted to put a stop to that, he could have worked on perfecting his technique so that strategy would no longer work. However, Shaq was never known as one to put in the extra effort to make himself better.

I think Parrot’s point on that was that hack a Shaq made the game boring and less likely for people to watch. Which is probably true.

I do think the controversies and the exciting rookies are gathering attention for the WNBA and that’s a good thing.

I’m sure they’ll get a ratings bump, but will it last? Kind of like the Jamaican bobsled team years ago, it was interesting for a while but then wasn’t. If women’s sports want the same popularity as men’s they need people to support them, not just extra media attention because of DEI.

Lots of jealosy going on amongst the Black players. Long time ago, they called Larry Bird, “The Great White Hope”.

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No it was a cheap shot from a lesser person.

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