BuT THe ScIEnce!

This is one reason why Oregon is a failed state.

I have also seen wrestlers in masks this year.

That story has to be false. I have been assured by numerous liberals, including one in particular on this forum, that science proves no oxygen deprivation occurs with mask wear.

The scientific proof cited was a YouTuber who put on a mask, stood very still, & observed no oxygen drop on a machine. Very relevant.

So clearly this coach is lying. Must be a Trump supporter. Next thing you know he’ll be saying that shutting down the vote overnight last November was suspicious.

Can’t we build some concentration camps for these right wingers & their harmful anti-science opinions?

The proof in my house about how good masks work is a Bill Nye video where he can’t blow out candles.
I put on a cloth mask and videoed myself blowing out a lighter.
My wife and daughter didn’t talk to me for about two days.

a little more detail

LOL! Are your ladies dyed-blue Democrats? Or were they just believers in mask (I’ll be kind) “culture”?

My daughter is a hard core Bernie girl.
My wife is a democrat, but at least once a month she says something that makes me look at her and say “your Republican is showing”. I usually get REALLY dirty looks when I do that.

You are impressively level-headed & mellow around here (very UNLIKE myself) in the face of far left arguments & propaganda by-products.

Perhaps it is because you’ve necessarily got plenty of experience being gentle & empathetic towards opposing points of view.

We were in Lawrence, KS earlier this year. A very liberal town, and my daughter bought a sticker that said something along the lines of “Tired of old white men running things”, and I commented, “me too, get rid of Biden, Fauci, and Bernie”.

Humor & cleverness always seem to be better choices than anger & frustration.

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Have Trump, McConnell, and McCarthy retire at the same time, and I might take the deal.

Gen X president.

If I can have Tom Cotton as Majority leader with a GOP Senate, you can pick the POTUS.

I might give you Sasse, not Cotton. IDK about president. I don’t really like anyone with that much power. I voted for Warren, but could maybe live with Klobuchar. Or Mayor Pete.


I never cared about president all that much but it means almost everything in America now. The executive has too much power and I don’t see a president giving up any of it.

I remember early on the Clark boards imabass and others saying it was difficult to breathe with a mask on. I called bullshit on that one, but athletes should not wear masks when training or competing. Especially the 800m, that is almost 2 minutes of living hell. You need every bit of oxygen and the mask could slip up over the eyes.

Blame career Congress critters.
They have ceded power to the Exec branch for decades.

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Cotton is better. Sasse is too moderate.

For POTUS, I am in the Noem, Tim Scott, or DeSantis.

Lol, Sasse is probably one of the most conservative Senators.
He just hated Trump

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True, which is somewhat disappointing. Many conservatives have revealed themselves to be pearl clutchers, who incorrectly think of the federal government as a neat, clean, gentlemanly operation…or perhaps wishfully think it is only a few steps away from being so.

That could not be farther from the truth. Donald Trump didn’t cause that. He largely exposed it.

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Sasse is a slightly different animal.
He was one of the first anti Trump republicans, but he wasn’t a douche about it.
He actually worked with Trump on a lot of things

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