Two days in Atlanta and this is my take;

People - Super friendly, with streak of “smart ass”. Very helpful with anything I needed.

Food - Wasn’t able to get out to experience the “real” Atlanta culinary, would need more time, but did eat an awesome reuben at a a hole in the wall deli down the street from my hotel.

Weather - Perfect!

Atmosphere - Went shopping and the atmosphere was friendly and open, very courteous.

Cars- I was unaware of how much a “car town” Atlanta is. In some areas a Lexus made you look poor. Also a disproportionate number of Dodge Challengers

How was the fight?

How did you get around town?

I was in town this weekend & had to stand in line for a rental car for two hours at the ATL airport.

Car shortage?

Horrible, Ben Askren (who my son and I are fans of because he is a former Mizzou wrestler and other reasons) got knocked out by a youtuber in the first round.

Taxi, we weren’t going anywhere and were going to be drinking, so no use in renting a car.
Besides, parking at the hotel was over $45 per night.

At least you got a free trip out of it.

Oh, the whole experience was awesome.
The event was a “made for PPV” type of event.
There was musical performances too.
The Black Keys
Justin Bieber
Snoop, Ice Cube, and some other old school rap
It was really a great time, just disappointed about the last fight.

Weather has been amazing last couple weeks, today is high of 71.

On the subject of rental cars, I encourage everybody to price them out before you book a trip somewhere. I’m considering a trip to Bozeman in early August and the cheapest rental I can get is over $300 per day. We were going to fly from Salt Lake to Bozeman, its far cheaper to get a car in salt lake and drop it off in bozeman. Even that will be $1300 over 8 days.

I might have been willing to pay to not see Bieber.

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I am spoiled by Uber & Lyft, but there is a massive driver shortage right now due to several factors. Fares are sky high, & often you can’t find a driver even so.

Did you just call a standard taxi company ahead of time? I have forgotten how to do this lol

I have never met him but my GF brother knows him fairly well. He says Bieber is actually a decent person. His mother raised him right. He is very respectful to the staff and is always polite.

I find him annoying but it’s good to hear he didn’t let the fame destroy him.

Yes. Ironically one company had lots of cars (Budget), but that also gave them lots of customers.

Line was out the door. I hit the stopwatch, & it was like 1 hr 58 minutes before I got to the counter.

Only 2 ppl working the counter on a Friday night. Got my traveling companion to hold my spot in line while I went outside to the next kiosk, where they give you your keys…3 ppl idling out there.

I gave them an earful & asked them if they knew they had a 2-hr line inside. They were unfazed & unmoved, but mysteriously about 5 minutes later another person showed up to help inside, at 11pm.

Rental car service is frustrating to begin with, no less so in an airport. Guaranteed revenue = customer no service.

Uber is so much better that taking a taxi. We’ll go drinking in the next town over and take Uber home for under $15 and I’m picked up in under 10 minutes. The taxi company wanted almost $30 and at least an hour wait. No thanks.

Have you used the service in the past 2-3 weeks? I am curious if I am simply having bad luck. From talking to other people who travel often, it sounds like a nationwide effect.

The companies are (supposedly) trying to lure drivers back with bigger compensation, but I suspect it will take a while. They are also competing with the federal government’s stimulus bill welfare check dishonestly called unemployment benefits.

My kid uses it. She often had to wait hours for someone to be available.

With the unemployment money. Why work?

Oh & I forgot to mention. Prices were through the roof. $467 for 48 hrs.

Had the front desk at the hotel do it.

Fuck. That’s expensive