It was insane. If it wasn’t for having to attend a funeral, there’s zero chance I would have traveled with those prices.

I didn’t meet Bieber, but did meet and get a pic with Logan Paul.
My kid posted it on his social media stories and I am officially the coolest dad in the High School.

My kid is 13. He’s into Imagine Dragons and some rapper named NF. The latter has a cool song about a convenience store robbery.

Don’t worry, he’ll grow out of it.

I can live with them. As long as he understands the brilliance of Johnny Cash.

My sons wrestling walk out song is “God’s gonna cut you down” by Cash.

He is also a fan of The Black Keys, which I am ashamed to say I did not know how good they were until I saw them this weekend.

My gf brother runs concerts for the bands. Started off doing lighting for them.

It’s interesting how they interact with the workers and who’s cool and who isn’t. He use to hate Bieber until something happened (I can’t remember) and Bieber went out his way to make it right for everyone.

Her brother said most these kids are ok but they’ve grown up in a fantasy world. They just have a weird perception of the world. His Mother tried to keep him balanced through all of it.

He didn’t get hired to meet these people. He did it for the money. I guess snoop dog is really down to earth. He bought everyone lunch. Not the catered crap but something really good.

Tomorrow is 4/20. Don’t forget to leave out cookies for Snoop and Willie Nelson.

From what I saw Saturday, Pete Davidson has them both beat.
He was literally walking the floor of the arena smoking weed.

I don’t have a celerity fetish but I think it would be a blast to hang out with either of them.

Or both of them (along with Kris and Jamey).

I think indoor smoking of any kind is frowned upon but weed is essentially decriminalized in Atlanta. Up to one ounce on you isn’t even a misdemeanor anymore.

That would explain why Atlanta was the venue.
The entire production was strange, and Snoop made it a lot about weed.

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