Anyone Tried

This election really soured me on Facebook. I never had gotten into Twitter, and sure won’t after the Biden influence peddling censorship attempt.

Some friends are migrating to, which is supposed to be more bias free. Haven’t joined yet, because I don’t have a cell phone to create an account. Anyone else tried this social media platform?

Yes. Similar to Twitter but no censorship yet. The Facebook groups that were shutdown have moved there. I don’t use it much but go there when I am looking for uncensored info.

It’s apparently the go-to platform for right wingers who are convinced that Facebook is biased against them. As such, it’s become a right wing circle jerk, so depending on what you want…

And of course, they have their own censorship issues.

A number of my friends told me about Parler so I joined it to see what it is like. The main reason I decided to join is because of all the censorship that has been taking place on Facebook. For example, there was a group on Facebook called Patriotic Jewish Conservatives that had 8,000 members and Facebook closed that group. In addition, many conservative journalists have been banned from Facebook. Parler gives me an opportunity to read the news that was censored on Facebook.

And…why were those people banned?

You lost me at ‘news’ on Facebook.

I encourage all the trumpers to migrate to this new app. It means I’ll never see the hate and Alternative Facts.

When I first heard someone talk about it yesterday, I thought the website was parlor like the old name for a formal living room where people had conversations. Then when I joined it and there was a link for parleys I realized they were talking about the french verb parler which means to speak.

LOL! Everything liberals disagree with is “far-right”, “racist”, or both. QUESTION: When did the news media EVER describe anything as “far left?” The answer is obvious.

The BBC last week described the charge that BLM is Marxist as a “conspiracy theory.” Really, you cannot take mainstream journalism seriously anymore. All leftist bias, all of the time. The only thing that isn’t is weather reports.

You make it look like I posted that with your quote, but that’s factual information from the Wikipedia article.

Sorry, I did not mean to do that. I knew you QUOTED Wikipedia. I was lampooning Wikipedia.

For anyone who is interested, this is a tutorial on how to use Parler

It also means Facebook who lost most their revenue. So I agree. Facebook needs to go.

I joined Parler over the weekend but don’t consider it to be a substitute for Facebook because they are different. Facebook is where I share photos and what is happening in my life with my real life friends and relatives. While the censorship that is taking place on Facebook bothers me on general principles, it doesn’t affect my experience because I don’t discuss politics on Facebook or consider it to be a news source.

Parler is more like twitter, without the censorship, where journalists, as well as everyday people, can share opinions on issues without being censored.

On Facebook I use my real name because my settings only allow my Facebook friends to see what I post. On parler I use a srceen name that does not identify me in real life.

Parler likes to market itself as not having censorship, but they do. From the Wikipedia page on Parler:

On June 30, 2020, after Parler banned a spate of accounts, Matze published a post on the website outlining some of the site’s rules.[19][21] Some of the rules in his post, such as one asking users not to publish photos of feces, were described by The Independent as “bizarre.”[55] Slate and Gizmodo noted that the top reply to Matze’s post identified that “Twitter allows four of the five things that Parler censors.”[21][22] Some of the clauses in Parler’s user agreement have been criticized as “unusual” and seemingly contradictory to its mission, including one that allows Parler to remove content and ban users “at any time and for any reason or no reason,” and one that would require a user to pay for any of Parler’s legal expenses incurred as a result of their use of the site.[20][22][29][49] The Daily Dot reported on June 30, 2020 that Parler had been banning left-wing accounts including parody accounts and those critical of Parler.[61] Newsweek also wrote about accounts being banned from the service, some of which appeared to have been intentionally testing the limits of the site’s free speech ethos.[29] The Washington Post described a user who had been banned for speaking out against opposing viewpoints on Parler, and posting a photo “that some could consider explicit.”[19] Mic wrote that Parler has used the personal information provided during signup to ban those they’ve identified as “teenage leftists”.[32] Will Duffield of the Cato Institute wrote that Matze had also apparently instituted a blanket ban on antifa supporters.[62]

And this is why fact-checking is useful on social media platforms.

CNN is correct: he is not “no longer” president-elect…he never was.

No one is president-elect before the electoral college vote is certified.

Wow, here’s the media calling Trump president-elect four years ago today. I’m sure you called them and told them how wrong they were.

Actually shadow banning of conservative thought is hate by Facebook and Twitter. Also antisemitism is typically among leftists.

The election results were not in dispute yet we had to hear for 3.5 years of Russia’s interference. The election results, likein 2000, are in dispute thus premature.

The MSM was all too sanguine about calling the election for George W Bush. Nope they didn’t. They waited the 5 weeks till Gore’s final challenge was used.

Christ, let Russia go already. That has nothing to do with when the media called the election in 2016 nor anything to do with the ‘obvious’ fraud in this years election. I swear, you guys are like a dog with a bone!