Another boneheaded athlete kills an innocent person through his stupidity

I read another article that said the Las Vegas authorities will want to make an example of this idiot so as to deter anybody else. No repeat of Leonard Little.

Wonder where in Vegas. That speed is stupid but there are places where it could safe for a short period of time. A lot of Nevada is an empty wasteland.

156 isn’t safe anywhere, but on a racetrack and with protective equipment, and while not impaired by alcohol.

As of a week or two ago, this kid had a promising career ahead of him, and millions of dollars.

I haven’t found out what year Corvette he was driving, but to hit another car at 127 mph (down from 156), push that car 500+ feet, demolish both cars and start them on fire, and walk away with non-serious injuries is amazing. To create that situation in the first place is remarkably stupid.

According to this article, it was in a residential area.

From this article, it was on Rainbow Boulevard.

Germany does it just fine.

Yeah that stupid. Rainbow is very busy. I suspect he was on the southern portion of rainbow. Normally it’s heavy traffic all on rainbow.

Most of the Autobahn seems to have a speed limit of around 80MPH.

30% isn’t most.

Even the rest of it has a “recommended” speed limit of roughly 80. No penalties though.

Don’t know about Nevada laws, but in Ga. he would likely be sent away for a long time. Vehicular homicide with extreme speeding (I forget the proper term) together with DWI and his life would pretty much be over.

Nevada is very strict. I expect a harsh punishment

Not in residential areas though. Actually, I had heard that while most of the autobahn doesn’t have a limit, in the places it does there is zero tolerance for speeding.

I’m not sure you’d ever see anything do 156mph on the autobahn, even though a lot of it has no speed limit. As you approach cities there are speed limits that reduce speed and in large cities the speed limit is quite slow and actually enforced. But German highways are a poor comparison to US highways, theyre built for that kind of speed and European drivers actually have real training.

I used to club race, I’ve driven a prepped car on the nurburgring several times, and I’ve driven serious hardware on remote stretches of the autobahn with no speed limit. In my race car the fastest I got was 145mph, on the ring I got to 160 for about a second, and on the autobahn I got to 270kph before I panicked and coasted. 156mph is completely irresponsible on any road in America, or race track for that matter.

And what does that have to do with the topic? It hadn’t been announced where the accident was

IT was a residential area

Yes it was but we determined that later.

I’m a bit confused…they said he was in a Corvette and the woman was in a Rav-4, but this looks more like a Prius than a Rav-4

Kcflyer, It looked like a Rav-4 before the Corvette turned it into a Prius!