A $27,000 Tesla

They’ll sell like hotcakes. Liberals will be torn to support the environment or ignore Elon


HOw many years after Elon’s announced production date will it be? And will it still be $27k

About 18 months.

And the cybertruck was 2019. Then 2020. Then 2021. Tehn 2022. Then in 2023 we will (supposedly) get the first “production” version. In that time, the promise price increased quite a bit and the promised production rate of 250,000 won’t happen because it’s just so hard to build. So let’s wait and see. I’m betting it won’t.l

I would absolutely sign up for a 27k Tesla. It would be 20k after tax incentives.

I wonder if the incentives will still be there by the time the car is released. After all…if Republicans gain power, anything remotely related to the green new deal will be ditched.

I still think Biden wins, i wonder if the $7500 credit has a sunset.

I don’t see one, but there is a max income to qualify.

Cyber truck is a very different product than the M2. Apples and oranges.

Yeah…but Elon has a tendency to be a bit overly optimistic. That car is for the European market and there will be some issues with producing them here, unless he wants to be the job creator for Europe.

You know how I said that “autopilot” was the dumbest system to ever be put in a vehicle? That’s because you have to take into account the mentality of some of the people driving with it. I know…I know…Tesla requires that you have your hands on the steering wheel. The first clip in this shows just how easily that system can be overridden

That video looks like a fake dude.

Where do these things come from with the creepy semi-robotic voice? Looks like brainwashing trash from China.

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There shouldn’t be any real issues building them here. Tesla tends to build American cars in America.

That’s why they have the plant in Texas.

And I believe starting in 2024 that you can take the credit at the dealership.

I wonder why the plant isn’t in California… :thinking:

Unless a Republican is elected and they kill off the green new deal and everything related to it. All or nothing you know. Better buy it before the election, just to be safe.

The green new deal is the latest income theft from Americans that will do fuck-all of nothing for the environment.

It will increase your cost of energy and transportation while the political and elite class keep zipping around on their private jets (and government-funded equivalents).

I sure as hell hope Repugs win and kill it. Not sure why you’re so enamored with it and keep repeating the same silly dirge over and over.

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Global warming has nothing to do with saving the planet, it’s about redistribution of wealth. Always has been and always will be.

Where have I been enamored with it. Conservative Musk lovers drool over the prospect of owning a Tesla AND getting a sweet $7500 tax credit that was made possible by being part of the green new deal. If Republicans take over, will they nix ALL of the green new deal, or will they keep the tax incentive for avoiding ICE vehicles? I mean, the governor of Tesla’s home state is penalizing anyone who buys a Tesla that was built by Texans. Surely he wouldn’t want them to keep any part of the green new deal.