364 to go

Challenging myself to a 365 day running streak.

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That’s hard on your knees. Maybe 4 times a week? Remember basic we only can 2-3 days a week

About half the time I am using the elliptical.

Good goal but tell me that you’ve been running a lot of late? Longest I’ve made a running streak is one month and that ended because travel got in the way.

I don’t buy that running is hard on the knees but I started running at 40. Running is high Impact and that’s a good thing, the body is torn down and builds back stronger.

But maybe I just heal better than most, I wiped out on the mountain bike a week ago and had blood streaming down my arm and my right knee was a half inch wider than the left. Two days later it was like nothing happened. My girlfriend just looks at me injured and her body seems to bruise in the same spots.

I have been running or riding about 2-3 times a week.

That’s why I use the elliptical. Running is too hard on my knees. I have some damage, one arthroscopy. I was very overweight for years, still a bit. Those are hard on the knees, but I think having one leg slightly longer than the other also affects things, even though in my case, the difference is small.


My hat is off to you. I’ve never enjoyed running. I only got decent at it after practicing consistently, but I never became convinced it is healthy. Much bigger fan of walking & lifting.

Not saying any of this to discourage you. I know a lot of really healthy & fit people who routinely run 6+ miles, have done half marathons, etc. It’s just never worked for me.

I have to admit the lockdown hasn’t been good for my weight. I’m getting back on it on Monday.

I normally sit around 200-220. I am very fat right now. I’m probably around 265. Some medication I was on caused weight gain and I’ve been indulging too much.

265 to 200 should take about 4 months of gym. I don’t run much because of my new surgery. It’s a little stiff and my Pace is off.

I’ll get back to running but I think a mile is a solid goal for now. I use to do 5 but that seems like a pipe dream that this moment.

Just curious, has anyone here experimented with low carb, keto, or carnivore?

I did low carb for years and shed my extra baby fat in doing so (got down below 25 BMI, whereas I had not been before). I now believe it wasn’t solely the low carb content that made the difference, but rather a combination of more stable blood sugar/insulin & resultant elimination of cravings, as well as the decrease in calories, as calories tend to add up much quicker & easier with simple & concentrated carbs than with anything else.

Of course it is possible to overdo the dietary fat on the other end (e.g. podcaster Jimmy Moore), but you kind of have to work at it.

I use tried Keto but it doesn’t seem to work well for me. I do high intensity workout 4-6 times a week.

I have found paleo works best for me. I have to include rice to keep from muscle loss.

I typically do three protein shakes and three meals a day. I try to keep my body fat around 10-12%

Right now I’m at 20. lol. It won’t be hard to get it back down.

Now some people will tell you keto is a fad diet but the truth is it’s a medical diet. We only learn a few diets in the medical field and keto is one of them.

It was used decades ago in the treatment of epilepsy, with much success. Evidence is mounting showing it is good for type 2 diabetes as well, and really anyone with poor glucose regulation (i.e. metabolic syndrome).

The establishment has of course resisted this no-brainer every step of the way, preferring instead the holy narrative of “whole grains” and pushing exogenous insulin as an intervention. Whether they realized/intended this or not, the experts have been advising a counterproductive diet that guarantees patients will need to keep spending money on insulin & other supplemental meds.

It took a small, scattered number of independent doctors and researchers to slowly claw back against the official policies. The network has grown, as has the clinical evidence. At this point the narrative is crumbling so heavily that the experts are realizing they can no longer endorse it overtly & unapologetically.

I’m a huge fan of high intensity workouts, aimed at muscle strengthening.

I strongly believe a metabolism is much more efficient – and therefore calories burned much more easily – in someone who is challenging their muscle groups. When you tear down your muscles with a workout, your body has to work overtime to rebuild them. So you are burning calories during rest periods as well.

I find this to be hands down the preferable approach vs. chronic cardio. Chronic cardio overuses a small group of muscles & joints, requires lots of carbs, and makes people hungry.

At least that has been my experience and observation. I know others have made it work, and more power to them.

That is the medical side of it. Ketones seem to trigger less seizures. We are not sure why (at least when I went through medical school) but it seems to work.

The big issue is making sure you keep things in sync. It does cause dehydration and could cause bone loss.

The diet I keep isn’t “low carb”. I just get my carbs through vegetables. Occasionally beans but mainly fruits and vegetables. I avoid processed carbs like the plague.

The difference is I went from stalling on weight loss and muscle gain to gaining a pound of muscle per month. I am not overly concerned with body fat, as you gain muscle, you’ll burn more fat.

At this point I am quibbling over semantics, but I would characterized what you described here as “low carb,” meaning low relative to the average/standard diet.

Most people are eating wheat and sugar to excess. I like potatoes and beans in reasonable quantities. Rice in even more limited quantities. I avoid wheat and sugar as a matter of habit, and only indulge rarely.

Alcohol is another challenge for many people, including me. Like wheat & sugar, it consists of empty calories that add up quickly, and there is a lot of social pressure to indulge.

Why I put scare quotes. You only want to eat enough to fuel you to the next feeding.

The general diet is excessive in calories. It’s why obesity is such an issue.

I’m about 40/40 protein and carbs. About 20% fat.

Now I do eat some grains but I generally avoid them. Once a week I’ll eat anything I want. That’s when I’ll eat the grains or other things I like. I love corn but it causes massive Gi issues. So I don’t eat it often.

I eat sweet potato, white rice, lean meats and lots of vegetables and fruits.

It’s hard to get your carbs that way but they’re all healthy carbs. It’s not junk carbs.

I try to eat 1 gram of carbs and protein for each pound of body weight. I’d have to eat 9 bananas a day to do that.

Agreed. The root cause analysis is complex, though. I would argue that the omnipresence of shit food (mainly refined/concentrated carbs, processed oils, & alcohol) both adds calories & fails to nourish the body, leading to more hunger, exacerbating the excess calorie consumption.

I try to stick more to about 100-200 carbs a day. 9 bananas would be pushing 270 grams, which I’d say is excessive for most people.

Overly processed is an issue with sugar.

Drink a glass of OJ. Now make that glass to see how many oranges it would take. Now try to eat that many oranges. You can’t.

The army diet had a lot of processed garbage in it. I’d like to see the military prepare most the food rather then serve instance rice.

Normally I shoot for 220 carbs and protein. I work out though a lot. Days that I don’t work out, I cut back a tad.
I don’t consume alcohol often but when I do it’s hard liquor. I don’t like beer much. I drink vodka, gin and occasionally bourbon

I enjoy beer, but it is one of the worst alcohol drinks, full of wheat & sugar. Sends people’s estrogen through the roof, especially the heavily concentrated IPAs everyone likes to drink these days.

I like vodka & gin as well. Enjoy red wine on occasion.

Beer fills me up. One or two and I’m done drinking.

I drink to get a buzz. Why I stick to harder drinks.