13 year old granddaughter's first attempt at home made biscuits

Looks pretty good.


Is that cast iron?

Absolutely, the wife taught her that. Heat the cast iron first, add a little Crisco, then put the biscuit batter. It makes the biscuits a little crispy on the bottom. Hard to beat.

Now I’m hungry for biscuits with some butter & jam.

Not bad. Those look yummy.

My kid is 15 and has taken to experimenting. Sometimes the results are wonderful, sometimes, less so. Brazilian lemonade (which has no lemons) this week was not a hit.

Great way to make them.
Can do it on a campfire too.

Just looked up the recipe.
I love anything lime, I bet I would like it.

Kid made it with evaporated milk. Way too tart. A friend told me she only makes it with sweetened condensed milk.

The recipe I saw mentioned sweetened condensed milk so you might want to give it another try.

Biscuits are pretty much a staple in the south, and while I am from the south, I never much cared for them. But I do like southern cooking, so this motivated me to make some fried apples. A tasty and totally unhealthy dish.

I saw a tic tok where British kids were served biscuits and gravy.
They were all hesitant and freaked out, then they tasted it and were in awe!

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Yep. But even more tasty and less healthy is to make them with lard, water and flour cooked in a cast iron skillet on top of a coal or wood stove.

I think I’m the only southerner who doesn’t care for them. Several years ago I rode part of the Katy trail with some friends. We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Pilot Grove. We only had 25 miles to get home that day, but a breakfast is a good start. And it was biscuits and gravy. My friends wife had told them the previous day that she was gluten intolerant, so she got bacon and eggs that morning. I rode the 25 miles with not much in me.

I was raised on biscuits & gravy, pinto beans, fried potatoes, cornbread, green onion, and a mason jar of sweet tea. I love it to this day, I just don’t like to cook. The smell of a pot of pinto beans simmering on the stove on a winter’s day brings back memories. :heart:

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Growing up in New England during the 1960’s, the Rasberry lime rickey was a popular drink.

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Add a little rum and I may fall in love with that!!

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That’s the only thing I like on that list


quote=“crparrothead, post:15, topic:61592”]
Add a little rum and I may fall in love with that!!

Not a shabby idea. Does that work well with milk?

I use my cast iron for most things, it just does a great job. I’m also a big fan of lard and beef tallow and make my own from my brisket trim.

The wife only makes biscuits a couple of times a month, she uses lard when she does. Makes a difference.

It’s been quite awhile since I had biscuits made as I described. My southern relatives are nearly all gone. My mother ate biscuits made that way nearly every day of her life until she left for Detroit. Despite the questionable health benefits, she made it to 87.

I can’t think of any cooking method cast iron isn’t superior for.

I’m sure there are some counterexamples, but altogether it’s an amazing utensil.