I see ads for Zocdoc all the time. Has anyone used this service?

I have to find a new primary care physician because mine is going to a concierge service. My insurance has a find provider feature, but it’s kind of clunky to use and it’s not fully updated. So I thought I’d try this Zocdoc. First problem - limited locations. Kansas city isn’t one of the cities. I didn’t see anything in Connecticut…the nearest I find to your area is Philadelphia.

Oh well…back to trying to find another doctor that actually does what my insurance company site says it does. I see docs that are listed as internal medicine that are psychiatry, oncology, and cardiology and they are not primary care physicians.l


This is a money-grubbing pay for referral service. Typically they charge health professionals around $400 per month to supply a certain number of patients to their office. Naturally they know if they don’t come through with some calls, the doctors who have contracted with them will drop them.

So they get anyone possible to call medical offices. Including patients that live far away, and patients that are looking for other kinds of MDs and dentists.

A friend of mine contracted with them and had nothing but bad things to say.

Being on the ZocDoc lists requires no qualification other than paying the monthly bill. In fact, just like calling prostituting providers on some insurance list, you will probably get the most desperate and least competent docs around.

How strange. And people like you say Medicare should be expanded to include everyone. When in fact the system is collapsing due to extremely low reimubursements for procedures. Soon Medicare will mean NO care.