You've Come A Long Way Baby

These a tips for a wife from a 1950 Home Economics Book :grinning:

That stuff is hilarious. Lots of guys wish we could return to that, I’m not one of them.

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Dr. Laura used to write like this in her books, and it was good advice.

I have nothing against women with careers — whether out of necessity or preference — but a homemaker should do more or less all of these things.

These days sometimes the homemaker is the husband, and when that is the case, he should perform these deeds as written.

Don’t make the person who works come home to more endless work, complaining, noise, etc. They’ve been dealing with that all day at their job.

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While some of these may be a little extreme, I don’t think the life of a fifties housewife was as bad as so many people make it out to be. It is nice that women today have more options, but most of the fifties housewives, my mother included, that I knew were very happy with their life. Even though I enjoyed being a career mom, I would have also been very happy if I was a fifties housewife like my mom.

I think the charm school, manners and etiquette are good things. And I’d definitely say that a male homemaker should choose these.

I also think that it’s not only the worker that has a hard day but the loneliness of being a homemaker or the constant craziness of toddlers definitely competes with a hard days work

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