YouTube TV price increase

I don’t have YouTube TV, but I saw that they raised their price to $73 per month. I guess streaming isn’t the money saver we thought it was. But from what I read, it seems like you also will need Hulu, Prime, NefFlix, Paramount and whatever other service with exclusive content you want.

I dont have youtube tv. I do have netflix, hulu, paramount, discovery+, prime and god knows what else. Im not saving money anymore but if u was to get sataliite again, my wife wouldnt cancel all tge other streaming services. The only one that i watch is discovery app and it is the cheapest at $5.

Our samsung tv has tons of free channels that i normally watch.

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I put up a big antenna a few years back, get around 90 broadcast channels. Stream Philo, got a deal through T mobile for $15/month for a year, have Amazon, bunch of free channels also being streamed and several LG specific channels due to having a LG tv. During college football, subscribe to Sling for their package that covers most of the sports channels. A lot cheaper than comcast. Internet for streaming, $50/month.

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