YouTube TV and my air fryer

Last week I dropped DirecTV and have been using YouTube TV for a few days now, for 65 bucks a month it’s a pretty good deal (It’s actually $55 a month for the first 3 months). We don’t watch a lot of television but I’m pretty happy with it and it has everything we want.

I bought an air fryer about a month ago, I’m really not that impressed with it but we’ve decided to keep it and will probably put it in the basement bar for snacks. I guess I was expecting the food to come out like it was actually fried, it works more like a small convection oven.

Yes, the word “air fryer” is really dumb.
It is a small convection oven, but works different because the air circulates better.
My wife and I are counting “macros” for the next 8 weeks, so it is being used a lot!
We did steak cubes and chicken cubes in it and they turned out amazing.
I also did a chocolate croissant in it that was better than any store bought brand!

My wife buys the frozen chocolate croissants from Trader Joe’s, as good as a decent bakery IMO.

Literally one of the easiest recipes in the world.

And I am not exaggerating how good they are.

Thanks, I just forwarded the link to my better half.

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