Young Chiefs Fan Attacked by Left Speaks Out

This should get a great response in the WJ poll since the reaction from the liberals on this board was to call the author an idiot. So if he can incense liberals, just image how outraged the readers of the Western Journal will be.

Nice job Dad, turning your son into a political pawn. I have no doubt this was a setup from the start, destroying childhood innocence over politics.

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It was the woke media that made it a story and it backfired on them. People are getting tired of crap like this and it’s going to hurt the lefts agenda.

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So you would put your 9 year old son on Fox News over politics? My guess is you would, I would choose not to.

I’ll put you down as using your child for politics.

I personally wouldn’t but I guess most love their 15 minutes of fame.

I’d stand up for my kid if he was wrongly accused of being racist, my guess is you wouldn’t. I can’t see you going against the liberal agenda.

It was ONE woke columnist. But…in conservative world 1=all.

The child didn’t ask to be called a racist.


Beemer said he wouldn’t defend his kid on national TV if they were wrongly accused of being racist.

This kid is 9, he does what he’s told to do. He put on the black and red war paint because he was told and now he goes on Fox and says what he’s told. The father is a showboating piece of crap.

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I’ll put you down as parading your 9 year old on Fox too. Man, you guys are pieces of work!

Quit victim blaming.


No, I absolutely would not put my 9 year old kid on Fox for any reason. Or MSNBC, etc.

Would you not defend your son from a racist attack?

Fuck me, you’d also put your 9 year old on Fox?

Expose your kid to the media for no other reason than political showboating. Guess I just parent differently.

I say again.


You would allow your kid to be racially attacked?
Quit victim blaming.

I say thrice.