You May Be Being Spied On

You can always trust the government. :grinning:

I pretty much assume that the government knows everything about me already…and I have nothing to hide.

I could be charged with felony boring.

While front door home security cameras serve a good purpose, do you ever feel like they are an invasion of privacy because you never know where they are and who can see what you are doing on your own property.

Also, the privacy of visitors. Amazon driver comes to the door and drops off a package, something funny happens, and they go viral. They might not have wanted that.

My understanding of the law in Kansas is that you have no right to expect privacy in public including the public view of your own property.

Don’t know about other states.

Drones can be invasive also.

We have a couple of Blink cams which are Amazon server supported. I will never use such technology inside my house. Only use them in areas that are in plain public view anyway. I would not refer to them as true “security” cameras for many reasons I won’t go into unless someone is interested.

If you are truly in need of “security” cameras install a CCTV hard wired DVR system. Unless you need remote access keep it off the internet.

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