You Can't Take It With You

IF he was happy, then good for him.

Lol sounds slightly familiar.

I don’t have $13M in the bank by any stretch, but I drive a 16-year-old Honda whose plastic-rubber trim has largely fallen off & has several dents & areas of fading paint.

Still runs well. See no reason to replace it.

My daily driver is a 30 year old Nissan truck. 290K miles, still runs and drives good. Best of all, I can still do most of the work on it. Earlier this year, I sold a 2006 truck and a 2001 car. Bought the wife a new car.

Good for him !!! Much better than going to the government.

Yep we don’t come close but much residual is dedicated to charity, and so far all RMD money has been spent as QCD, avoiding taxes on it. Wife has a son who gets a chunk. But we are not trying to be frugal; just are.

It’s going to hurt to go spend 3 weeks in Alaska next year.

The article said the guy lived in a modest home, housing costs are a big expense and IMO if you can’t afford a 15 year mortgage you’re probably buying too much house. My guess is the guy paid off his house early allowing to free up money to invest, he wasn’t like many people trying to impress others and keep up with the Joneses.

IMO it’s all about balance, you can live a pretty nice life and have a nice chunk saved up for retirement. Little things like driving a car longer, paying cash for your vehicles, bringing your lunch and coffee to work, not buying crap you don’t need add up. Also putting money into a 401k or IRA early and increasing that amount every time you get a raise adds up over 35 years.

You can still take nice vacations, eat out and do fun things and save a substantial amount for retirement.