You Can Get Banned From Facebook — Permanently. This Is How

I found this article interesting. Trump is not the subject, and he is only alluded to briefly.

wmj - Thanks for posting this interesting article. While I don’t like to post personal information on my Facebook page, I have a tendency to be more open when I send “private” notes to my friends and relatives on Facebook Messenger. This is a good reminder that, for all practical purposes, there is no such thing as a private message on Facebook and if there is something I wouldn’t say on my Facebook page, I probably shouldn’t say it in a Facebook message either.

Ditto, very interesting article.

Perusing through, what stood out to me is how dependent many people have become on these platforms run by SV colossuses. Unwisely, I might add.

Dude was begging Fb to let him back on & access his pictures… Why was he counting on a massive corporation to store his photos & memories for free? Since when was that a good bet?

Business students learn a saying. “If you don’t pay for the service, you are the service.” Big Tech monopolies are essentially the new government. Promising an enriching experience for free, but increasingly denying service to good people & conflating different political views & misanthropic ideas together as though they are interchangeable.

At this my Facebook activity consists of occasional perusing other people’s posts, and it is increasingly rare that I find something interesting. The woke mob is the most vocal & active contingent, and they are of course confidently regurgitating fake news narratives as though it’s their own opinion.

And I never allow it to walk around with me on mobile devices.

I agree that he should have backed up his family and photos. The question I have is where these things deleted as soon as the account is deactivated or was Facebook holding the account hostage.

I do think Facebook owes people an account because of the level of market share they have. If they don’t want to give people an account, they ought to be divided up for antitrust or not be subject to 230. If a company like Facebook misbehave, it should be stripped of its intellectual property as well.

I also have a problem with #6 what they call disinformation, since the line between falsity and opinion, especially a misinformed one is an incredible grey area.

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