Wrestling video

Here is a link to a video from this weekend.
My son is in the blue.
The best thing about it is the kid he is wrestling beat my son earlier in the meet, but they are wrestling in the consolation finals (3rd and 4th), and my son really hates to lose to someone, especially twice.

Edit to add: May want to turn the volume down, there is some nut (me) really loud running the camera.

That kid was on him like a spider monkey.

Was that Tonka?

Yep, that was Tonka.

I’ll have to watch again. I only saw two pins. Look 50/50.

I thought high school still did Greco Roman?
I mean obviously they don’t but when did they change

He wrestles Greco in the off season, but High School wrestles what is called “folkstyle”, very similar to Collegiate rules.

Interesting. We did greco in high school. I didn’t compete. Just did it in gym. Etc