Worst umpire gone

Angel Hernandez is retiring.

According to the article, he only worked 10 games last year and missed 161 calls in thos games!!

I just heard this being discussed on talk radio. From what they said, the word retire should be in big fat quotes.

In MLB you can get it right 20% of the time (bat .200) and get paid millions. Apparently as a Ref you can get it right occasionally and get paid thousands.

Major League umpires make $150-450K, depending on experience, average about $240K. Crew chiefs can make more.

Parrot, I am quite saddened to see your lack of support for Americans with disabilities.

Hi @crparrothead:

I thought of you when I read the letters to the editor in the Los Angeles Times sports page today:

Missed call?

Rumor has it that MLB tried phoning beleaguered umpire Ángel Hernández about his impending “retirement” but he missed the call.

Steve Ross

Machines set to take over?

So it turns out that MLB won’t be using an automated strike zone by the 2025 season. Looks like the Astros are going to have to wait another year before they hack into the system.

Joe Kevany
Mount Washington

That one makes me laugh!!