Worse liar than Fauci!

This type of stuff is literally unbelievable.

From the link;

"“All this evidence tells us the same thing: It points right to this particular market in the middle of Wuhan,” said Kristian Andersen a professor in the Department of Immunology and Microbiology at Scripps Research and coauthor of one of the studies. “I was quite convinced of the lab leak myself until we dove into this very carefully and looked at it much closer.”

Kristian Anderson is 100% full of shit!!!

He literally called the lab leak theory “crackpot”

But, he only said that after he met with Fauci and Collins, who told him to push the natural occurrence theory.

I believe the virus started in nature, was brought into a lab and escaped.

I don’t buy the wet market theory at all.

I agree; that was a distraction and entirely disingenuous.

Yes it came out of a lab. And it was incredibly convenient for China to have lax security at the same time we are crushing China in trade

Not to disparage the OP or link but why does any of this matter? Its not like we are going to do anything about it anyway.

IMO its the reaction to the virus we should focus on. But nothing will be done about that either.

To show the credibility (or lack thereof) of the “experts” that we are relying on to recommend policy decisions.

That were making equity rather than epidemiological decisions. If they had, it would have been 80 and up, heart disease, and pregnant people that would have gotten first priority followed by healthcare workers and those over 65 with diabetes followed by caretakers and those over 65 in good health, finally by everyone else.

The despotic public health wanted a 16yo cashier to be in front of an 85 year old or in front of a pregnant woman. A college student with COVID was safer infecting 10,000 college students that quarantined than a single elderly relative

Don’t we still rely on them or are forced to? Its like the Hunter laptop… nothing is going to be done about it anyway.

BTW I know I’m jumping all over but as a case in point… whatever happened to John Durham?

To an extent.
At this point I don’t think any local agency gives a shit what the CDC or NIH says.
My point is more of a general one on why we should question the alleged “experts”.

Good question.

Yes I’d agree. Unless you live in certain states or counties, this hasn’t been an issue since Omnicron.

Most people can think the death rate greatly declined with Omnicron and that COVID while being like the cold / flu season, much of the danger has passed. People in certain states have more commonsense than the public health officials who hold an equity agenda. Sometimes the only option is to move to an area that is not insistent on zero COVID.

China wanted to dump Trump!

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And they succeeded with their very own bought-and-paid-for “big guy” in the White House. Corrupt as the day is long, and totally beholden to the Chicoms.