Woke to a new level

He wants Josh Allen to fail because his fans are dog lovers and patriots.

As soon as we solve the middle east problem and world hunger I’ll get enraged about this. There are a lot of voices in sports analysis and this guy is trying to stand out in the crowd. I agree if this were a white guy slamming a black QBs fans, this would get a different reaction but my reaction would be the same. No reaction.

Uh…not what he said. Foxy is a smart guy. I haven’t read the tweets and such, but he’s saying there’s something he dislikes about Allen’s fans. Whatever.

He says he likes Allen but wants him to fail because of his fans.

Basically, he said there’s a part of him that wants that because his fans are giving off some kind of weird vibe. Not sure exactly what that that is, but I’ve been through the Tebow craze as a Broncos fan. Some do get a bit nutty.

I’ve heard Foxy speak at least twice on the Freakonomics podcast. He’s intelligent and not any kind of wacko.

From what I have read he intentionally tries to stir the pot.
He is now trying to cash in on the “wokeness” bandwagon.

Isn’t that pretty much the job of a sports pundit? That’s why I don’t watch Stephen Smith and those guys much. They make every argument sound like WWIII.

I really just want content, not a whole lot of opinion.

On a side note, I am now technically a Sports Journalist. Wrestling is somewhat of a niche sports, so the media company that covers Missouri wrestling asked for freelance articles to share on their app and social media. I had one interview and two articles published.

Edit to add, and since we are streaming all events, the High School principal may let me announce the wrestling meets via the youtube channel.

Me too, which is why I almost never watch these shows. For those who do, opinion matters. They like to watch these guys debate.

I’m sure you’ll be completely unbiased when announcing your son’s matches.

Almost certainly will mute my mic. And that may not be enough.

Growing up in Massachusetts, the Boston Celtics had one of the most unbiased Commentators in Basketball history. His name was the late/great Johnny Most.