So I watched the Fever last night and it is just awful. Sorry but mens basketball is so much better. The missed shots, losing the ball as it bounces off your foot, the non-calls due toe their lack of playing skill, the picks for one all look like moving blocks, . I could only make it through one quarter and had to go read a book

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The Los Angeles Times sports letters to the editor had this letter about the WNBA:

The brain trust at the WNBA has to have its head examined. The brand of basketball they have offered since its inception has had virtually zero appeal to fans. The Sparks averaged under 6,500 fans per game last season and just as important there was basically zero TV revenue. Thus there is no money to pay even great players like Candace Parker or A’ja Wilson very well.

Now Caitlin Clark, a generational talent, comes along who fans actually want to watch and rather than adapting to a new more fan-friendly style of play, two-bit hacks like Chennedy Carter take runs at her with impunity and we’re told its “just a more physical league.” After all the whining about women not getting paid enough, they finally have the player to lift the entire league and all they have to do is call some fouls. They are one cheap-shot injury away from killing the goose that is trying to lay the golden eggs.

Jeff Heister

A comparison of shooting percentage. Aside from dunks, it’s not that different from men.


Yep that is a true statement But hey the thugs will be happy when she is gone and they are back earning Cali min wage

If the WNBA is going to survive they need more fans to support the league. That support isn’t going to come from die hard basketball fans, it’s got to come from women and lefties that want it to succeed for DEI reasons.

I disagree. There are examples of women’s sports which are popular across fan bases. As one example, women’s tennis has historically been as popular as men’s tennis.

The WNBA needs to figure out how to effectively promote itself. It will never equal the popularity of the NBA, but it could carve-out a niche similar to what professional soccer has been able to do in the US.

You are watching racism play out against a white girl. No one wants to say it…but that’s what happening. If the roles were reversed you would see every network covering this…

The black girls and media personalities don’t like a white girl having success.

Lol, hardly possible for there to be more coverage of it.

There are 3 million more women then men in the US. Seems like a slam dunk. The fact is women don’t want to support women. It is sad.

Now if they wanted to play in lingerie, it would become the #1 watched sport my men on opening day. They would become the highest paid very quickly.

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Here you go.


People know it’s there, they’re just not interested. Like I said they need women who aren’t basketball fans and DEI loving lefty men going to the games, watching on TV and buying the jerseys. The basketball fans I know have no interest in the WNBA.

Women care less about professional sports than men. I’m in that camp too, as the years grind on I care less and less about pro sports.

I can’t tell you how long it has been since I have watched pro sports. I got better things to do with my time than watch sports.