Winter Fun

It’s so cold in Chicago…(all together)…how cold is it? It’s fucking cold. Currently -11, -26 with the wind-chill. My wife and I were going to go to Madison Wisconsin Friday but the drive was over 3 hours instead of the usual hour and a half, plus there were many accidents. We went Saturday, still almost 3 hours there.

I just seared a chuck roast outside on my grills side burner and the cast iron pan handle barely got warm, I didn’t even need a pot holder.

Be safe and don’t go out unless you have to.

Reason why I was happy to move to Georgia from NY. I will never shovel snow again

Yeah, but an inch or two shuts everything down. I don’t mind snow blowing, all the neighbors help each other and we end up drinking beer in one of our garages. Friday there were 10 of us plus the kids, my neighbor tossed some venison brats on the grill, his wife ran to the store for buns, chips and hot dogs for the kids and everyone brought beer or a bottle. Fun times.

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You never know with climate change.

Snow is rare where I live in Oregon. As in a bad snow storm is a dusting.

It’s been snowing for three days.

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Very true. The climate is always changing and has been unusually stable for 10,000 years


There is a camaraderie with hard weather times, reminds me of hurricane prep and parties back in Florida.

It’s a lot better now they have snow removal stuff

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