Winter, did you buy a new house?

Probably would be nice once the renovations are done.

If you want to move to the North Shore of Long Island, this house is currently for sale

I think we could move there with most people I know and never see one another.


That is peanuts. Get a load of this:

There’s a YouTube guy that explores abandoned mansions, it’s pretty interesting. I’ll try to find it.

Wildwood is a nice part of town. It is crazy he started it and never finished it.

My understanding is he never intended to live there. It was meant to sell.

I think so too.
I think he was doing it as a favor/investment for a friend who was going to do the reno, and the friend flaked on him.

Now he does have a house or two in St Louis. He was never really my flavor of a musician but he appears to love St Louis.
We oddly have a lot of musicians/actors from St louis.

I like some of his stuff, and by all accounts he is a really good guy and does some good charity work.

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