Windows 10 > 11?

Any Experiences with Win 11?
I am doing fine with 10.

After my experience with going Win 7 to 10… I am cautious.
That Laptop is still on 7. It runs but Not used much. Turbotax does not run on 7. Lotus 123 does not run on 10.

What are the advantages of 11 if any?
I get the idea it is different. Is it worth the learning the changes?

Don’t like changes, still use a Windows 7 laptop. Works for everything that I need to do/use.

I asked our IT guy if i should upgrade at home. He said usually best to wait a while with anything new.

I had Windows 7 on my desktop and a newer Windows 10 laptop. I said I’d keep the desktop until it died. The HD did just that last October at age 8, so I has a new desktop made with 10. I am happy with 10, except for the updating. With 7, I would delay updates until I could wait to see their impact elsewhere. There is only so long you can delay with 10 before it nags you incessantly. As for 11, I will wait a long time and am somewhat peeved because when 10 came out, Microsoft said there would be no new versions, just improvements with 10.

I will say that I highly recommend an SSD over an HD. Have them in both computers and it does everything so much faster.

This might be of interest to some… I recommend the registry method but be careful poking around in there.

About 3 years ago, my hard drive crapped out on me. Had it replaced with a SSD. Big difference as you say.

I use Linux MInt. I can not only pick when to update, I can pick what I want to update. Or I can just tell it to update because while it’s updating, I can still use the computer. Should it need a reboot after the update, it will tell me.

I’m with KC on this one all the way.

One way to ensure that windoze 11 does NOT get installed is to use a computer that is not up to the requirements for it! Not sure I have one that is.

I also use Linux Mint, though we had Ubuntu for years until the project moved to a different foreign user interface a-la windoze 8. Unfamiliar, requiring re-learning. Sorry no need for that, and I was not about to think about handing it to late wife if I could not figure it out. Fortunately Linux Mint came along with a familiar enough interface that most any windoze user would be comfortable, and I’ve been on it ever since. One of the bigger drawing cards is that it runs just fine on 5 year old hardware.

Oh, new wife is computer handicapped so she uses an ipad!

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