Will NIL money ruin college sports?

It looks like it’s going to make college sports , in a few years, the haves and the have nots. A lot of good schools cannot commit to paying their players millions. The highest “paid” college football player is Deion Sanders QB son at over $4 million. A friend of mine who lives and breathes college football predicts there will eventually only be two competitive conferences, probably the SEC and the Big Ten. Don’t know what the answer is but the future for college sports is looking cloudy.

One thing that is already happening is that commitments to a college from a high school player means nothing until the paperwork is signed. They were never legally binding but now you know what their word is worth.

The answer is that it already is ruining college football. I think we will see a semi-pro model evolve over the next several years where factory school like Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State will just pay their players directly and will spin-off into a self-governing league of about 24-32 teams. Most of these kids don’t care about the education anyway and its an arms race that very few athletic departments can compete, which is why there is no parity.

We were already in an era of haves and have nots.
And NIL didn’t keep Florida State out of the CFP.
The NCAA had a chance to fix this years ago and they fucked it up.