Will Mark Jones be suspended by ESPN?

He intentionally and blatantly lied about the shooting of Jacob Blake.
Will he be held accountable?

I guess no one told you. You are allowed to lie as much as you please, as long as your lie reinforces a left wing narrative.

But stray from that, and suddenly anything you say is aggressively “fact checked,” and you will be held accountable with your job, banking system, etc.

It’s not just lying it’s the media choosing what to include in a story. On Wednesday ABC nightly news only had a 10 second blurb about the violent attack on the elderly Asian woman in New York. They didn’t show the suspect or mention that he is black, but did say he was charged with a hate crime.

Which is a form of lying. Lying by omission. That NYC assault is a perfect example. In addition to omitting his race, the FakeNewsInc also declines to mention his status as a paroled murderer. Stabbed his mother to death years ago.

They’ll publish articles with this info, but not put them on front page, instead placing the clipped version more prominently.

The news media is a brainwashing cartel, no two ways about it.

Yep and lefties can’t see it because they’re gullible idiots.