Why they play the game

So, the Cowboys were 6-1 and on a 6-game winning streak, with the top offense in the league. My Broncos were 4-4, but it felt like 1-7 the way people talked about them. They hadn’t beaten anyone with a winning record, were anemic on offense, had a QB (or two) no one respected as a starter, just traded their best defensive player, starting three rookies on defense, and two linebackers they just traded for because of injuries. On offense, three of their five linemen were backups. So, I figured we were probably in for a long day.

And, the Broncos dominated. I have no idea where this team came from. The network cut away early in the 4th quarter because it was 30-0 and not competitive. The Broncos ran the ball down their throats and made plays when they needed to. At one point, the time of possession was something like 32 minutes to 12.

Never assume anything on a particular day, I guess. I kept wondering where this team was all year.