Why is it so popular

Is there anything that is very popular that you can’t understand the reason why!

YouTube influencers


Phony so called reality TV shows.


Celebrities in general. Kardashians in particular.


Twitter, TikTok dances.

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For me its reality tv.

Way to make it political.

Do you ever turn it off Bears? You must be amazing to hang out with at parties or the bar.

Yep…I have questioned tweeter long before it became a political platform. I think it kind of introduced the “look at me” movement.

Cause that is what he does.

Just a bomb thrower.

For me…its IPA beers.

We are frequent visitors to breweries…and they are everywhere.

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You cannot just steal my phrase… :slight_smile:

That may have peaked, I’ve seen a Down tick in IPA at breweries.

Brewers make what sells, I like a good IPA, mostly in the summer months. My local microbrewery has a large selection but the IPA’s, largers and a few other styles sell the best.

Was out at Renaissance Festival again this weekend.
My preferences were a milk stout and a honey mead.

My wife likes stouts and porters, I’ve tried mead a couple times and isn’t my thing.

I do not understand the fascination with “hoppiness” in beers. I prefer to enjoy my beer, not tolerate it.

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I think extra hops in beers were originally used as a preservative, mostly by the Brits when shipping unrefrigerated brews to places like India. They may have been a bit hoppier than traditional British Session Ales, but I suspect they were nowhere near the acidic hop bombs that the macho boozers claim to enjoy as a further indication of their overall manliness. I’ve been homebrewing for over a dozen years and seldom use more than 1/2 ounce in the boil and an ounce or two at the end for aroma and flavor. Just like you add delicate herbs a spices as final touches on cooked items. (BTW, before I started brewing, I didn’t know the difference between beers and malt liquors. Malt liquor is basically beer without hops, that’s too flat for me).

and influencer. WTF! I don’t get it. FOMA?