Why in the hell?

Who the eff sends their kid to school after testing postive?

I don’t know what, but there needs to be some sort of accountability to this parent.

Sounds like a selfish asshole with a low IQ.

This is why the virus is spreading.

Someone who believes idiotic conspiracy theories probably. There are a lot of stupid people out there.

My kid went back to school last week. Got a notice that there had been a case at the school the 2nd day. Another one the next day.

That’s what I was gonna say, somebody who think s Covid either isn’t real or it’s like the flu. Another potential explanation is somebody who cannot take off work because they can’t afford to lose the pay. But of course it’s fucked up to knowingly spread the virus.

Ya, but even pre-Covid, I would hold my kids home with a fever.
This person needs waterboarded.

Parents send their sick kid to school all the time and then bitch they have to come pick the kid up.

IMO the parent should be investigated and be charged if a crime was committed.

I agree…after the water boarding.

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Does your school tell you how many kids are quarantined per positive case?
Last year it was about 10 extra quarantines per positive test, which was one of my biggest bones of contention. There was no reason to quarantine that many healthy kids.

I believe they’re only quarantining those with close contact to the affected kid. So far, no notice of those.

By 10 extra quarantines, you mean 10 days? Surely it wouldn’t be a certain number of kids to quarantine per positive case.

Nope, 10 kids quarantined per case.
They followed CDC guidelines to the T.
The High School Principal is a data nerd and I know he knew this was overkill, but he had no choice.

I don’t understand and have never heard of those guidelines. It makes no sense. The infected kid could have had close contact with 2 kids or 50. Why pick an arbitrary number? How do you select the 10? The ones with the lowest test scores so you can improve your school’s rating?

Within 6 feet for 15 minutes or more, masked or not.
Over the course of the year, it averaged out to about 10 quarantines per positive.
My son was quarantined because he wa 4 1/2 feet behind someone in class who tested positive, both wearing masks.

I understand the criteria. I thought you were saying they had to select 10, no matter how many contacts there were.

My problem was that after about two months it was obvious that the criteria was created by a moron but we were forced to keep abiding by it.
Quarantining healthy kids was the most idiotic thing to do.

It’s done to slow the spread. Those kids may be asymptomatic or presymptomatic. They’d still be carrying the virus to others.

Yes. No.

Covid is complicated. You may not develop symptoms for up to 30 days. Testing isn’t highly accurate.

So I get it. Not sure I agree but I get the logic. It’s similar to how we do it in the field

I get why it is done.
But it was severely overdone and nobody corrected it when it was obvious.

30 days? I’ve never heard that many? But several, yes, hence the guidelines.