Why do they even bother

I didn’t know a good category to put this in, but it’s to share a beef that has bugged me for years, and lately a spate of ads on the radio seem to be played more often. But why do they even bother with the “legal disclaimer” in radio ads for cars, investments, travel and God knows what else. They talk at about 150 words per minute and you can’t understand anything that they are saying, but suffice it to say that the product being advertised isn’t everything we are making it sound like. I know…they have to have the disclaimer, but I wonder, shouldn’t a disclaimer be understandable? I mean, on paper they have fine print…it’s small, but you can read it if you use a magnifying glass and read slowly…but even if you slowed what they are saying down, they are saying so much that if they read the disclaimer at the same pace that they read the ad, they ad would be twice as long.

IT seems to me that if someone wanted to sue them and they point to the disclaimer, the plaintiff should be able to get 10 random people, sit them in the witness stand, TELL them that you will play a disclaimer…play it…and ask them to tell you what they said. I bet they can’t.

Just a beef I wanted to get off my chest for a while.

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