Why Americans Can't Buy Cheap Chinese EVs

So much for free trade.

Who has implied that we have free trade with China ? I don’t think that ever has or ever will be the case. Many administrations have failed to close the gap. Its extremely one-sided…

Chinese are subsidizing manufacture of these EVs, its unfair that they compete against Tesla and Ford.

They also manipulate their currency to make exports cheaper…

Here’s a more descriptive article. I’ve read other articles about this but no one ever discusses how an $11k car can meet the fairly stringent US safety standards. I have some doubts about that.


Even Russians are complaining about the Chinese cars sold in Russia.

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There are new cars around that price range here in America. I don’t see an 11k electric car meeting that standard.

Let other countries use the junk. Take a look at KIA and HYundai in this country.

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