Who picked?

Who picked the Dolphins, Eagles, and Giants to be the last remaining undefeated teams?

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Denver over SF 11-10. That’s a score you don’t see very often.

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According to the announcers, only once before. Safeties aren’t that common.

Hulu is pissing me off. The game was recording, but they wouldn’t let me back up to the beginning.

I gave the Dolphins a fighting chance because Bills had 4 defensive starters out, but I certainly didn’t expect them to win.

Don’t know much about Hulu. After the recording of the game was over, are you able to go back to the beginning of the game?

I have youtube tv and when i go to watch a live sporting event it asks if i want to watch from the beginning or live in progress.

I have you tube TV also and it allows you to catch by playing key plays til live. I see scores and turnovers

Probably, but I wasn’t going to wait until the end to start and be up until after midnight. I missed at least the first quarter.

I’ll have to check that out. I miss the RedZone, with YouTube TV it’s $11 a month but I won’t get it because I’m cheap. They could offer it for a few bucks but they bundle it with a bunch of crap channels I’ll never watch.

Think of RedZone as under $3 a week. I don’t have it just because I’m busy every Sunday.

From what I understand, there are apps for your phone/tablet where you can watch every single NFL game for free. Don’t ask me how I know that to be true.

I was able to watch on the Yahoo sports app on my phone, but apparently the NFL caught on and they can only show highlights.