Who is the worst professional sports owner to win a title?

I thought I would try a change of pace from the political threads. I was thinking of what professional sports owners won championships. As a rule, lousy owners don’t win championships, with Daniel Snyder and James Dolan prime examples. However, there have to have been some lousy owners who have won too.

I think that, at least in my lifetime, Marge Schott would top my list. She won as the owner of the Cincinnati Reds in 1990, and she was both a lousy owner and a terrible human being.

Any other candidates come to mind/

Stan Kroenke

I assume you are referring to the Colorado Avalanche. They won the Stanley Cup in 2001 after he purchased the team.

I would not give him credit for the St Louis Rams’ Super Bowl title following the 1999 season, since he was not the majority/operating owner of the franchise at the time.

Why do you rank him as a lousy owner?

Ask the people of St Louis.


By that standard I could have included Georgia Frontiere on that list. It was fun to read a lot of letters to the editor in the Los Angeles Times sports page after the Rams won that title.

Speaking of which, do you remember this?

Tom Benson