Who are they

Who are these actors/comedians

Mel Brooks and Sid Caesar

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Ah. I figured out Sid Caesar didn’t recognize Brooks and I’m a big fan of his. He looks like a kid in that photo.

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Mel Brooks was the one I recognized, although he looks pretty thin in that photo

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I was the opposite

It was very easy for me to recognize Sid Caesar because his daughter was one of my childhood friends and I met him a number of times when I was at their house

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He was only 22-23 when he began writing for Caesar.

I am seriously jealous of this.

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You wish you were one of Bridge’s childhood friends? Me too.


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How many can you name?

billy jean king, chris evert, ali, holifield, elway, michael jordan, jim brown, joe montana, bill russell?, pele, kareem abdil-jabbar
missed the last white guy on the right

Not bad. I think you got two I didn’t. Also not sure about the white guy on the right. Jerry West?

Jack Nicklaus

Ah, no wonder I didn’t get it. Golf is boring.

At one time it wasn’t. There was a time when the Players had personalities. Today there are too many robots out on the Pro Tour.

This 11 year old child grew up to be an Oscar winning actress. Who is she?

Sally Fields?

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@Weenut1 -very good. You are correct

It was the eyes

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