Whining about a 25% tip

This line from the original article cracks me up.

In a survey of restaurant executives by the industry group Hospitality Technology, 71% of respondents said using data to “understand guest preferences and behavior” was their primary reason for facilitating point-of-service system upgrades, while enabling new payment options was the priority for 57%.

Bullshit. 100% of them put that in to ask for tips up-front. Period. End of story.


Wow - $20 for a pizza. What a surcharge! $3 would be a solid tip as the pizza might be $15-18 at the store

It’s awfully presumptuous to believe someone living “high class” owes you a higher tip

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It’s the lefty mentality, if someone has more than you they’re evil and owe you something.

Yep, I never understood why some people get angry that someone has more than they do. If they want what others have they should get off their lazy ass and earn it.

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