Where were your when the Challenger exploded?

I was in first grade, watching it live, with a group of classmates.

San Antonio Texas on a business trip. We heard about it just after we landed.

Had my annual 40 hours training for Corrections the week that Challenger exploded. That particular day, an instructor walked into the class and announced what had happened.

I was 5 or 6. I was at a motel in joplin watching it with my dad, uncle, and siblings as we were getting ready for my great grandpa’s funeral.

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I was in the office that week. I was coming back from lunch and I was sitting in the car on a bridge over I285 when I heard it on the radio.

I was a 22 month old toddler lol

I was in the midst of a meeting with a Software Provider in Portland Oregon when someone came in with the news.

I was in my freshman year in college. I remember coming into the dorm and seeing coverage of the shuttle launch on the television. By that time shuttle launches had become almost as routine as airplane flights and the networks had stopped covering them, so I knew something must have happened. They then showed the explosion.

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I was in high school, I remember that space shuttle launches were so common that we didn’t watch them all anymore.
After the explosion the principal sent someone around to all the classrooms.

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I was 6 and a half; I would turn 7 that Summer.

I was 28. I lived in Cincinnati and flew for Comair, a “Commuter” airline. I had finished a trip early morning and walked into my apartment. I turned on my TV (to let it warm up, remember that?) and when the picture blurred into view Dan Rather’s frowning face was announcing the explosion. Of course I was glued to the TV for hours.

That was 9/11 for me: my senior year in HS and freshman year in college occurred concurrently

I was in 6th grade. They brought the tv carts in and we watched it.

I didn’t realize you were so young. I was in high school.

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I’m 49.

I will be 39 in two months so were you born in 1974. My oldest cousins were born in 66, 69 and 71.

My wife’s friends were born in 76 and 77

I was 29 years old and working as a Nurse Practitioner in an elementary school and saw it live on TV in Buffalo, NY. It was devastating.

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I was working out of town that day on due diligence. One of the other folks there came into a meeting and announced it.

Where was everyone with Columbia?

I was in bed and found out when I woke up. That was another one that was a guy punch

I was asleep.