When you trust your competitor more than the Feds

Ford and GM have literally said they trust Tesla more than the Federal governments standard.

As a Tesla owner, the concern is what happens to charging stations as they open to competitors. I haven’t ever had a problem finding a spot, but now, not only will there be more cars, but some will take up two spots because their charging ports are on the opposite side from Teslas.

WHat is funny is slow people will move to the Tesla standard. It is just a better standard.

The people who invested in CCS chargers will be holding the bag with government money.

I was talking to a coworker yesterday. I forget what vehicle he has, but he’s had trouble charging almost everywhere he’s gone, except the work parking lot, and home. I’ve never had any issue at the supercharger stations. Just overheating sometimes on the home charger.

CCS is available a lot of places. A tesla has an adapter with it.

Problem is they tend to be slow and the plug is a pain to use

As I understand it, there are three types, Tesla and two that would require adapters. I have one of the adapters, but not the other. Still haven’t figured out which as I’ve only used superchargers.

That’s not good. Over heating your electrical is asking for a fire. The heat will break down the insulation. When the wire insulation starts cracking then you have a major fire hazard.

The charger overhears. The wire should be fine. It’s normally because the garage is hot

It automatically ramps down from 32 to 16 amps if it gets too warm. Charges slower, but doesn’t overheat.

That’s why it slows down. The heat. If you have an air conditioned garage, most likely it wouldn’t happen.

I haven’t paid close enough attention to see if this happens in winter too. Pretty mild summer so far.

Mind didn’t do it in winter. Only on hot days in the summer. The garage would over 120 degrees and it would reduce the charging. Some people have said get an ac for the garage or make sure it’s vented properly.

I just let it reduce speed