When will we clone humans?

China cloned a monkey. Who is the first human to be cloned? I suspect there are mad scientist out there that are actively trying to reproduce themselves.

I would clone myself if it was reasonably priced. I would love to have a mini me.

Its probably happening now.

FUCK, you may be right.

How do we know you’re the real Parrot?

Problem is a clone of you would never be the same as you because it would not have the same life experiences and thus a different personality

OH, they broke the fucking mold!!!

Then fired the moldmaker.

Hed probably be nicer than i am.

We humans keep tinkering, dont have a history of leaving well enough alone.

Rumors are China has already done it.

My wife and I are trying to plan a trip to Key West sometime soon (either this summer or next).
A commercial came on the TV yesterday and the motto is;
“close to perfect and far from normal”
I said that describes me perfectly!!

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Key West is weird! Im not a beach guy but its been too long since i visited. Think Austin but cranked to 11. And your liver might consider moving.

So am I.

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