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We go out often with other couples and usually get separate checks unless a restaurant doesn’t do that, then we tally up what each couple ordered and add 20% for the tip.

Whenever I am eating out with others and there is one check, I will contribute for what I ate, to include tax and tip. If I ate more than others, I put in more than others. If I ate less, I will put in less. If somebody tried to get me to put in more than I ordered, I would decline. Fortunately, I have never run into a situation like that.

Edit: i would bet that in just about every situation like that a person who ordered more than the average for the bill suggested that it be split evenly.

Lol… probably. I’ve never encountered that but I’d definitely say no, let’s get out the calculator.

It depends. When I dine with friends, we typically just split it. It’s easier.

When I go out with my old friends, I normally just pick up the tab. I know none of them make similar money and I typically pick the spot. As such I just pay the bill.

Work events we have to split it by what we ordered.

I am not going to fret over a few dollars since it’s about sharing an experience with friends. I have one friend though who always tries t to change the rules based on what would benefit him. We haven’t went to dinner in over 10 years for that reason.


Sometimes that makes things awkward especially with a more expensive restaurant and the person feels the need to reciprocate. If I’m out with a buddy for a burger and a beer one of us grabs the bill and the other will get it next time.

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In most cases out with friends, we just split it because everyone spends around the same price. There have been cases where a couple isn’t drinking for some reason and then we usually make an adjustment. That isn’t very often. I do think the woman in the article is correct.

I think there was Friends episode about this same topic…


venmo has made this type of situation almost obsolete

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I disagree. Venmo does nothing to stop somebody who ordered a lot more than everybody else from suggesting they split the check evenly.


Once someone does that, I know not to have dinner with them again.

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Agreed. Venmo comes in handy if one person puts the bill on their credit card and then the others Venmo their share to him/her. That’s assuming everyone is paying their share.

I haven’t dated in 30 years, how do you and your girlfriend handle dining out, split the bill or take turns paying? When I was dating my wife I tried paying every time and she would insist on occasionally paying the bill or I’d pay for dinner and she would pay for the movie, cover charge to see a band, after dinner drinks, etc.

My best friend I don’t see often. Maybe every ten years.

So I don’t mind picking up the tab. He knows I like more expensive places and he just goes with it.

I’ll let him pick up the McDonald’s. Our friendship will never be based on Money.

I have another friend who wants to split when he orders expensive and count to the penny when he doesn’t. We just don’t eat out anymore. It’s exhausting.

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My dad’s “croney group” used to have lunch at the country club every Saturday…they used to joke that a table of guys will get the bill and when it comes time to pay say 'that looks about right" and put it in, but a table full of women will haggle down to the penny. My bike group is pretty big, but when we ride to lunch, we just ask for separated checks and we’ve never had anyplace hassle us with it. that might be because the wait staff usually ends up with more tip money.

Ah, that’s different.

Fair enough, that person is just a dbag.
When we go out with friends we read the bill figure out the split and Venmo right at the table.

We kinda trade off. Good that it’s equitable, but I also don’t count. And often, we’re just having a dinner/movie night at my house, so I’m cooking. Then out, she pays more often.

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To the restaurant or the person putting the bill check on his credit card?

About twice a year my best friend drives through KC for business and we try to go to a local place.
He puts it on the company card and we don’t worry about it.

Lol…my buddy used to do that. He’d ask while we were eating if I was interested in buying a server or computer equipment, I’d say no and he’d say “well, I tried.”

Yeah average friend. lol. We go to much more affordable places. They pay their own way.

I’ll typically pick up the tab for female friends if they make a lot less.

I’m going to visit a friend from high school in Omaha soon. I know I make more than her and her husband combined doubled.

I want to check out the buffet famed steak house. So I’ll pick up the tab.