What type of repair person

What type of repair person can I call if I can’t remove a hose from the spigot because it appears to be stuck, and the process of trying has caused it to leak between the spigot and hose if I turn the water on.

A neighbor that’s the least bit handy and has a pair of large or channel lock pliers. Shouldn’t take but a minute.


When you get it off, it would be good to put some white Plumbers tape around the threads of the spigot.

The mineral deposits in the water have kind of welded the hose to the spigot. The tape would help prevent this in the future.


I helped my neighbor who had this problem. She had bought the cheap hose with aluminum fittings. I was able to remove the hose from the spigot with a big monkey wrench, but suggested she buy the better hose with brass fittings.

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A little dab of silicone grease or anti seize before attaching the hose also will help.


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