What is your BMI and do you put any stock in it?

The other thread on BMI, especially BRobbs’ comment on its limitations, gave me the idea for a friendly thread on the subject. So, what is your BMI and do you put any stock in it?

Here is the easy calculator:

As for me, mine is 26.8. It was up to 29.3 earlier this year when I had put on too much weight, but I have managed to take it off when I finally started to really pay attention to what I was eating. I may take a bit more off, but I doubt I will get down to 25.

For reference, I am 5’8" and now at 176. To get to under 25 I need to weigh 164. Many years ago I did manage to get down to that, but it did not feel right. I noticed when I would pick up heavy boxes when it seemed the less weight on my body to balance against the box weight made it more difficult.

My BMI is 19.5 which is at the low end of healthy. I am a 76 year old woman who is not taking any prescription medications.

You need to start eating a lot more so you don’t fall into the underweight category. I wish I had your problem. :smiley:
(Picture sarcasm emoticon now - about the first sentence of my statement only.)

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My BMI is 23.8 I’m 5’7" and 74 yrs. old.

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Mine is 29.5. I’ve been below “obese” for two years now. I am 6’3 and 235 pounds. I don’t put much stock in it as the gal who is my massage therapist had a BMI that said she was obese. But back then, she was a professional bodybuilder and her body fat content (far more accurate) was damn near zero. She hasn’t competed in several years, but here she is when she was obese

Screenshot from 2023-06-25 12-18-30

My BMI is 25.4, down from 31+ since we retired.

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Mine is 24.9 which is just barely normal. This is surprising as I lost 45 pounds over the las couple of years. A lot of muscle mass was lost in the process.

It is remarkable seeing how thin people were in the movies of the 30s, 40s, and 50s.

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25.9, up from 23.7. Not concerned, as I am much more muscular than before.

I have gained a few lbs of fluff with the muscle, but currently starting a cut.

6’0” tall. Was 202 back in college (tubby, not really muscular). Down to 165 three years ago during covid when I was commuting & eating minimally. At 191 now. Will be happy at 180-185 with my current muscle mass.

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I win BMI 37 but my cholesterol is 108 all my test results are in great range except HDL which is 37 but rising as I’m going to the gym more. BP is very good also. My goal weight is what I was when I got married Their weight is when I was in HS too skinny for my frame

Same here. I was 175 then (6’4). The proverbial bean pole. In my late 20’s I was up to 185, which was still pretty wiry. After I got married (early 30’s) I was 210. Then I was prescribed paxil for social anxiety. And I went up to 270. I finally came off it after a decade. I had heard some stuff about Paxil so I looked it up. One potential side effect - a 50 to 70 pound weight gain. I wish it came off faster than it went on. I’m on Ozempic and I did lose some weight and am down to 235. Sadly I am finding that men in their 60’s who weren’t gym rats their whole life tend to develop a slight “paunch”

Your cholesterol is pretty low.

Hdl is a complicated one. I’ve had issues raising mine for years. I at first started with my training and nothing. So I went to a cardiologist and a hematologist. None of their suggestions worked.

What did help, was going paleo.

it hovered around 190 -200 forever. Last year regular gym and genetics seemed to work it down. Wife hates me for it. I’m happy

I set about 150. Cholesterol is needed for your body to work right.

I found paleo work well for me. It isn’t “low carb” it’s avoiding processed carbs and grains.

I eat a shit ton of vegetables for carbs

My bmi is 28. 6’2. 225 pounds. 180 pounds lean muscle. So no. I don’t put a lot of credit In bmi.

Idk bro. 108 is extremely low. Well below average.

I’m not sure we know enough about how cholesterol levels correlate with health to know that’s a good thing.

I’m not trying to meddle in your business. But I’d get a second opinion.

I know if it goes low enough t production is impacted.

I’ve never seen it and it wasn’t really my field.

Lol. Normally high cholesterol is the problem

A little overweight (true).


I was down to 200 about 18 months ago, trying to put on just muscle but put some fat in with it.
Need to pick up more cardio again.

I double checked it was 200 before we started the gym, dropped to 176 first year, 152 second year and now 108. the good one is creeping up in the same manner

Make sure they check your t levels as well.

Mine is 29.7, which puts me on the high side of overweight, just under obese, according to their guidelines. But I have broad shoulders and kinda heavy build so it isn’t quite as bad. I’ve lost 20 poussin in the last year, which has been kinda surprising.