What is wrong with Republicans?

Republicans apparently have to be on the wrong side of almost every covid-19 related argument.

DeSantis, who wants to guarantee that every Floridian has the right to off themselves by contracting covid-19, now is screaming bloody murder, since the FDA has opted to pull the ineffective monoclonal antibody treatments from the list of approved emergency treatments.

Doesn’t seem to matter to DeSantis, or other right wing talking heads, that antibody treatments are virtually worthless against the omicron variant, they just have to have it. Why??

Monoclonal antibodies do not appear to be effective against omicron. They were effective about prior strains.

Personally, I think they should be used for people who cannot get vaccinated or people who are vaccinated.

Are you daft?
A few things.

  1. DeSantis has been ahead of Fauci in literally everything Covid related.
  2. Florida’s vax rate is higher than the national average.
  3. The FDA just came out and “said” something without any real backup, I wouldn’t fucking trust them either.

Against omicron, the treatment is of no value. But it is expensive, so what would be the purpose of giving it to anyone who has the omicron variant, except to throw money away?

Why are you arguing with yourself?

Except for the significant evidence that it is of virtually no value against omicron, you’d be correct.
Where did you pull that bullshit about “any real backup”? If they had provided all the graphs and charts, and the coins they tossed, in making their determination, you wouldn’t believe any of it anyway.

I get it. Why would the FDA be honest about anything? But podcasters and other conspiracy theorists have the honest answers, don’t they?
And it’s telling, that you believe DeSantis has been more on top of covid, since he’s the one demanding a worthless treatment for covid patients. A stable genius, for sure.

You think the FDA acted on a whim? Here’s their announcement. It’s not about screwing DeSantis; it’s about the effectiveness of the treatments.


If you had been paying attention for the last 2 years (or even 6 months) you would know that he was pushing the monoclonal treatments well before any of the “experts”.
So if the treatment is available, why not send it to the states that want it until it is depleted?

Because it’s useless for Omicron. Why would we use a useless treatment?

What idiot would demand treatments that have been proven to NOT work? Sorry, we both know what idiot. It’s DeSantis.

And he’s so far ahead of the mere mortals, who have heavily promoted the $20. vaccines, instead of fining businesses and school districts who mandated vaccines, and then decided that $2,000. monoclonal antibody treatments made more sense than doing everything he could to get people vaccinated.

Over the last two plus years DeSantis has shown to be the most competent leader in relation to the Covid response in the country, hands down.

Are you smoking crack? Already been pointed out that he has been a leader in vaccinations.
Remember when the media was accusing him of vaccinating too many people?

A leader in vaccines doesn’t fine businesses and school districts who mandate vaccines. He also just fired a health department head for criticizing the low vaccination rate within his organization.
And a “leader” doesn’t demand a worthless treatment for an illness.

Florida’s vaccination rate is in spite of DeSantis’ messaging. It would be higher, if not for him.

Not sure what kind of drug you take that makes one go blind to the truth of DeSantis’ idiocy.

You confuse “vaccines” with “mandates”.

No, he fired him for being a d-bag to his staff.

You are fucking high!!!

That’s the opposite of what was stated. His email was rude, but it wasn’t the reason. He was fired for pushing the vax.