What holiday songs do you detest?

As long as we were talking about holiday movies that we like, why not talk about holiday songs that we detest.

For starters, whenever I hear “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Clause,” the radio station gets changed before that phrase is over.

I agree, just terrible. I don’t mind the classics playing in the background in stores or at a social gathering but don’t put on Christmas music. My wife will put on a Spotify Christmas play list while we put up the tree but it’s usual a Jazz Christmas or something like that.

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer

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Oh, I like that one, especially the version by Da Yoopers.

Here’s a better version.

I never liked that one much either, but I like this song:

We start this thread every year and my answer never changes, Wonderful Christmastime by Paul Mcartney and Wings.

Looks like this string is running out of Gas… so …

Except for a few Religious songs like “O Holy Night”, I prefer Instrumentals over anything with words. Words are distracting.

Nothing like a soft instrumental Christmas while I read or surf.

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Rocking around the Christmas tree.

I wouldn’t call them soft, but Manheim Steamroller is fantastic for instrumentals. We saw them in concert twice, and they were great. The third time they had a mechanical failure and had to give refunds.

Saw them in St Louis at the Fox Theatre several years ago. I was working at a client site in Washington Missouri and had to work at our St Louis office the following week, so me and the gal I was travelling with (she was from Denver) stayed in St Louis for the weekend. She asked me if I wanted to go…apparently she was sitting next to Arnie Roth (violinist) on her flight to St Louis and he offered to get us in if we wanted. So we showed up, went to the will call window, and had some great seats waiting for uus.

A girl at work hates The Little Drummer Boy.
So as a joke we all colored a picture for her of it.
I gave it to my daughter and this is what I got back.

I thought of another crappy Christmas song last night at the bar, Bruce Springsteen’s rendition of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. IMO it’s annoying.

Yesterday I heard the song about wanting a hippopotamus come on the radio. This one depends on the mood I am in at the time. Yesterday I changed the station just as quickly as if I had heard about Mommy kissing somebody.

Very old story…

I remember my Dad not liking that song.
Mom said, she considered Dad our Santa Claus and had no problem with it.

Depends on your perspective.

I never hated it because of the idea of Mommy cheating on Daddy. In fact, I had never thought of it from that angle. It is just an annoying song to me.

I agree, it’s trying to be too cute or something.

I remember hearing a version of I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus that ended:

Oh what a joke it turned out to be
Cause I found out later you see
Daddy was our Santa Claus last night.

The point of the song wasn’t cheating. Daddy was Santa (shhh…don’t tell brobbs).

Ah, role playing. Kinky.