What fashion trend

What fashion trend would you like to see come back

I’m probably the wrong person to ask. I dress like a slob whenever possible.

I just prefer a natural look.


I tried to bring back tube top Tuesday at work but the boss said no.

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Well, as a sexist male, I’d like to see hip hugger jeans make a comeback.

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I am one of two dudes that goes to the gym that I go to.
The owner sells some shirts for women up front.
There may be a picture of me in a cropped off tank top in circulation.

Hawaiian shirts are making a comeback, but according to my closet they never went out of style.

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Great line from The Simpsons “Hawaiian shirts are for homosexuals and big fat party animals and Bart’s not s big fat party animal.”

Another great line from that episode “Marge, you know I like my beer cold, my TV loud and my homosexuals flaming”.

Jeans and boots for at least 99% of the time for the last 30 plus years. Never been disturbed by the winds of fashion.

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The dressy short sets from the eighties which were very comfortable and appropriate for a nice restaurant.

Remember the days when nicer restaurants required a coat and tie for gentlemen, and had sport coats and ties that they would loan to someone who didn’t have one.

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There still are restaurants that have a dress code, but not a jacket and tie. People think khakis an a polo shirt is dressed up today, they look like they work at Office Depot or Best Buy.

Back in High school, Grades 10 and 11, boys had to wear ties. Grade 12, that rule was removed.

The look I remember from the 80’s for high school girls was big hair held up by Aquanet, leggings and a long sweater or designer jeans.

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Bears - this was my eighties “big hair”

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They had just started to allow jeans in high school when I went. I never wore jeans to school though.

Thanks for the reminder that women were so much prettier back in the 80’s. Very nice photo BM.

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